By EraRexon
Date: March 17, 2021
Ch. 10Zeus and Hera

When I had sex two weeks ago with some mortal that I could not even remember ,she reached out to me and I remember pushing her away out of anger that she had forgotten me now but who knew......My hands went to my hair ripping apart the golden locks in insanity as the entire Heaven mixed and swirled in water and it started raining with thunderstorm and lightning continuously.

If I had known she was thinking to severe our matebond I would have never left her alone. She was thinking this from so long. To give up being my Queen, to give up being my consort.

At last she took nothing, every single thing I gave to her was forgotten and left. This is what she must have felt when I left her here thinking to that these luxuries would keep her sated. These vile things haunted me now.

Everywhere I looked was Hera, every second I breathed I could smell her intoxicating scent.

She was here some days ago and now she had completely disappeared.

"Father" Someone sat beside me on the marble stairs, I kept up my head looking at Hebe who stared at my tear streaked face with her own eyes glistening with tears.

"Hebe, Hera is gone." My daughter was younger than all of us but her mind was sharper than any mortal being and as soon as those words left my lips her face crumbled before tears trailed down her eyes.

"I do not know what are you going through father but the only thing that I am aware of is that mother did right and now that she has decided for herself I can finally say that I am proud of her decision. She cried every night father and you were not there but me and Ares has seen her breaking every single day and this was impending so long. I hope she finally finds her happiness after so long she finally finds love."

As soon as those words escaped Hebe's lips I was stunned. My daughter, the one I had thought to be innocent, even she was aware of our barely there relationship and Hera cried every night?

My heart broke.

And love?

Hera wanted to find love.....

At that moment I realized what I had lost.

The ancient council of Olympus comprised of major gods.

Zeus- God of sky, Supreme God of Olympians who are the most powerful weapon thunderbolt.

Hera- goddess of marriage mothers and families

Hades- God of underworld, the most feared Supreme king

Persephone- moon goddess, Queen of Underworld

Poseidon- God of sea Supreme God of Olympic, weapon Trident

Demeter- goddess of agriculture, architect of seasons

Ares- God of war

Apollo- God of oracles, healing, archery, music and arts, sunlight, knowledge, herds and flocks, and protection of the young

Artemis- goddess of hunt and childbirth

Athena- goddess of Battle and strategy

Hephaestus- God of Fire and craft

Aphrodite- goddess of love and beauty

Hestia- goddess of family and domestic life

Hermes- messenger of God Gods and guide of Dead souls to the underworld

Dionysus- God of wine

The council was in deep shock for and the silence prevailing was enough to give the witness of how deep the breaking of Zeus' and Hera's mate bond had affected them.

Zeus sat there with no emotion, everything was fleeting for him and his eyes were moist, red and scary as if he was already dead.

"Where is she?" Artemis asked lowering her head to Ares who out of all the people present here looked most unique. his golden irises were relaxed even...satisfied. No matter how much he tried to show sorrow but there was a different light on his face, the one that is found when a warrior has fought a relentless battle and finally the outcome of war was in his favor.


"She must be here any moment now." As if the former Queen of gods has heard her son, Hera appeared out of blue smoke wafting thought the skies and aromatic like lilies.

Zeus who appeared stumpted and silent finally had a hope shining in his eyes as if she was here to return and accept everything back but the moment the smoke parted the man who had stood in happiness stumbled back falling back onto his throne.

"What are you doing.....what is all this Hera?" His voice was shaky as if she refused to see the scene infront of him.

Semele, the princess of Thebes was once a mortal with whom he had an affair.

She was then an otherworldly beauty and was tricked by Hera in getting killed. She was then resurrected and made a goddess by Zeus and her son- Dionysus, the god of wine and one of council of Olympians

Not even Zeus but Dionysus himself was left speechless when his mother, now called goddess Thyone followed behind Hera as if they not had blood feud between them.

The place belonging to Hera beside Zeus was empty and a tear drop escaped her eyes when she understood that this was her last meeting with everyone present here.

She did not sit just stood in the middle of the magnanimous hall and steeled her heart.

"I, Hera the goddess of marriage and families have decided to give my throne to Semele because she had suffered a lot because of my incompetence as a Queen.

Today in front of all of Olympians, all major and minor gods I accept that I have been a revengeful soul who did not had power to go against the king of gods so I took off my wrath to the weaker.

I am begging for forgiveness from all those that I have wronged and I will compensate them by distributing my powers among them so that they could protect their souls and live a meaningful life, my curses from today shall be lifted upon from them and they shall naturally restore to their forms."


"MOTHER!" Ares hollered as gasps were heard all around.

Zeus got up from his throne in haste his eyes wide and tears rolling down without abandon. Giving up the throne and breaking the bond was different but giving away your celestial gifts that you were born with, it broke one's soul to shards until nothing was left.

immortality would be revoked and she would die.

Before Hera could wave her hands to dispel her power Zeus was in front of her in a flash as thunder bellowed and raged. The sun was covered with dark clouds as the skies darkened to black.


"That's not up to you Zeus, we are nothing anymore."

You were my king, you are now a stranger.

You were my husband, you are not now.

You were my mate, you are nothing to me now.

Do you remember the time you were having sex, I felt each moment from the bond as if something was stabbing me over and over again, I was so hurt but did you felt it?" A tear droplet trailed down her cheek.

"I am nothing to you Zeus.

I have done being your toy that you could break and mend as you like."

"Hera, I am so so sorry my queen please." The wounds were heavy and the peace was no where to be found. When Zeus went on his knees begging the woman in front of him looked into his eyes before she whispered.

"I have been the Queen for so many years that it is instilled in me, the tricks and ways are as if they are a part of me.

Before even coming here I have distributed almost all my powers to other, only a small part of me is left that only came here to establish Semele as a Queen."

Zeus was beyond reasoning as he clutched her shoulders crushing Hera into his chest.

"NO! you cannot do this to me, please Hera I beg you please." The couple cried into each others arm and the council was silent with the goddess weeping and Hades rubbing Persephone's back to stop the sobs.

Last night the trio had gone through everything. Talked and laughed, cried and wailed and finally letting the woman, their closest friend go because this was her only way out.

When Zeus felt the stature of Hera getting lighter he looked as her body getting partially transparent as if fading away. Those blue eyes got wide in horror as he roared before falling down on the floor as if sensing she was disappearing, his soul understanding the loss of her dying even though she stood there barely present.

The woman beside Hera was silent before the goddess pulled her forward making her sit on the position that originally belonged to her.

"Establishing the Queen."

The moment those words left Hera, her visage completely disappeared into thin air as Zeus roared flinging his arms and trying to grasp her.

And just like that she was gone.

Ares was standing wide eyed as he mourned the loss of his mother.

She died

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