By EraRexon
Date: November 28, 2020
Ch. 1Darius and Roxanne

Sometimes we don't even have any idea that what we have until its no more with us.

It was a cliche highschool game, for Christopher it always was. Wandering into the crowdy hallways of Eastwing High he was the most gorgeous person with his dark blue eyes and brown hair that fell in waves as if the midsummer ocean clashing with the golden sand to express its gratitude was his essence.

As the heartthrob of the entire female population Christopher had always believed that the world revolved around him, even if it was not completely true if it was seen outside his small bubble but the people surrounding him made him believe the same.

So when the man was challenged with a task of dating a nerd for a period of a month how could he refuse, even though he was not particularly taught such manners and was always told to refrain from breaking a fragile female heart he could not help but go ahead.

Even though he was told to choose a nerd but which one, that was not specified. That was until he saw a tiny ball of sunshine bouncing up and down, her back towards him as she hummed taking out books far heavy than she could manage to hold from the lockers only for them to fall out from her hand.

"ouch" she giggled seeming to have too much energy to contain in her small body and hummed some foreign tune, with the amount of her books and knowing that she was definitely from his grade by the book that fell out he decided that was it.

He would choose her, whosoever was she he would go ahead with her. Make her fall for him in one month and win the game. That thought was soon interrupted when the girl turned around and Christopher felt the air getting knocked out from him.

A fairy

An angel

Such a beautiful doll she was, her each and every pore seem to scream that she was a princess meant to be worshipped.

"Hello love" the red haired angel looked up just seeing Christopher who leaned against the lockers watching her curiously and her mouth gaped.

"Oh my god, I know you!" she squealed, her green eyes glittering with pure joy while her red braids tossed infront of her face and the boy found himself grinning ear to ear.

"You are Christopher right? I am Roxanne, its nice meeting you." She put forward her hand shaking his palm he held out vigorously.


Christopher thought tilting his head, she was not too shy like most girls were, not even flustered or blushing when he held her hand. His smile widening, looks like he found someone who was unaffected by his charm......they will see to it he smirked.

"So Roxanne, do you wish to hang out love?"

"Everyone would come with us?" Her voice got lower at the end, pink blush coating her cheeks as if suddenly shy remembering something.

Roxanne was not in the same classes as him so whatever she said was something keen to a fresh breeze because even though this was his first time meeting her she was so welcoming and kind. Christopher couldn't help but sigh, where was she till now, he had never seen her around in any parties or other social gathering.

But she knew him and that made him smug, her falling for him was inevitable.

Was she afraid of people? this thought he found himself coming back to her original question.

"Yes love, they all will come too." he grinned, this was the perfect timming to show her off to his friends ..or not.


When Christopher entered his house with Roxanne in tow he welcomed her in but before he could guide her to the hallways she made a beeling towards the couch sitting herself comfortably.

Alright then

"Soooo have you ever had a boyfriend?" he sat beside her as she flipped through some channels on the T.V.

Her eyes met his and her face heated up. She looked down in her lap and her fingers twiddled with one another.

"I-I have t-this huge crush o-on someone."She looked at him and bit her lip. Christopher's heart jumped was it him?

"and that someone might be?"


"ROE!" Christopher saw his elder brother coming down from the stairs in haste.

Roxanne couldn't help but swallow as she looked at Darius skipping two steps at a time and soon he was towering over the place she was sitting.

Her fingers trembled as she met his silver irises, almost whimpering as her eyes trailed a bit down, now looking at his chest that was bare with buttons opened despite the violet shirt covering his muscular arms, many love bites were scattered on his neck and the area that was opened.....all her doings.

Christopher couldn't help but widen his eyes as he saw the girl he thought would fall head over heals for him looking at his twenty eight year old brother like she would faint any second.

"Darius" She whimpered her own hands streching to grab hold of him as she recalled how only last night she was splayed on this same couch crying as he spanked her for not informing him that she left school.

Today she remembered but still did not informed him again because she was coming to his house only.

And she wanted to have that feeling again, that tingle and spark when his rough palm made contact with her booty or his gentle touch when he massaged her globes together to ease the pain he caused....she wanted that again.

"baby you scared the fuck out of me." the small girl almost burst out of happiness as the muscular man picked her up from the couch in his strong arms ignoring his brother who watched the couple in disbelief.

"You are with him?" Christopher asked in anger which died down as soon as his eyes met his brother's.

"She is my fucking girl, forget about even looking at her, if you even thought about her I will make you sleep on the fucking road." a small slap to his chest shut Darius up who grunted and smoothed down Roxanne's skirt, squishing her to his chest so her face was buried in his neck.

"You-you don't mean it."

"Really? then try me."and the man took the girl up into his room to clarify the he was indeed her boyfriend.

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