By EraRexon
Date: January 14, 2021
Ch. 9wedding Night-1

'Who are you?'' Lilith stiffened when instead of getting up and leaving angrily Azarios looked in her eyes trying to see her whole soul in the cocoa canvas.

She was in turmoil, wasn't the dynasty of King Alexander a worshipper of patriarch hierchy, it was considered a sin for a wife to ask her husband not to take more women into his household, it was a grave mistake and whosoever woman dared to hold her husband back as such was considered unvirtuous and vile and were immediately put under harsh rules to teach them proper etiquettes.

Even her homeland Gaerin wasn't devoid of all these practices, although the wives were allowed to speak their mind and control the households of their husbands but the law did not stopped either of the couple from having affairs outside marriage.

Women in Ambrose were not allowed to tell men what to do, only bow their head and follow, the man could take hundreds of wives if they wished for and even if Azarios married her as his legal wife he can always take concubines.

Then why did he not got furious? Wasn't he interested in beauties from all around the world?

"Your courage is as high as the skies, tongue sharper than the sword. Tell me who you are or your husband will investigate on his own. From tomorrow I give the sole duties of this household to you, manage them well because if you cannot then don't blame this general for being harsh on you."

His lips was almost touching hers as he warned lightly, the satin sheets beneath Lilith were creased but Azarios refused to let go. His onyx eyes watching hers in mirth as she watched him with sharp gaze.

"I am Lilith, this is the only thing you need to know my lord. If you have forgotten the reason of our companionship let this wife of yours remind you. I will be your shadow till death do us apart. I am neither your friend nor on your side but till I breathe I will be your shield. The only thing you have to provide me for this is the protection of my adoptive parents and giving me liberty to do my work."

Azarios hummed in content pleased by the answer.

"You have made this General very happy with your answers, let me reward you tulip." Azarios got up slowly leaving Lilith wide eyed beneath taking off his shirt. Lilith couldn't help but widen her eyes.

Dusky golden skin glimmered in the shade of yellow nightlamp as the masculine man smirked, pleased with the scarlet hue spreading onto his wife's cheeks.

"W-What are you doing?" When Azarios caught hold of her exquisite wedding down, his palm tracing the soft garment he felt that even through the material was made up of finest of silks but yet it was not good to be worn by the demoness in his house, he pushed down the sleeve of her cyan gown while his perfect sculpted physique was infront of her eyes, Lilith could not help but tremble.

"Take this off and sleep with your husband."

"Atrocious! how dare-"

"I am not talking about fucking you wife."Azarios raised a brow making Lilith huff and go off the bed to the conjoined bath hiding her red cheeks, taking the small wrapped bundle from his hand that Azarios was offering her.

After looking inside the layered mansion of the General, Lilith was confirmed that the person entering it without permission would be drawn to death before they can even blink, there were numerous doors forming a maze like pattern, the magnificence of them was extraordinary but the result of wandering off was death.

Even the conjoined bathroom had a mahogany wood bathtub made up of polished wood and melted silver with pieces of green rosestone which had a reason to detect the poison or toxins inside one's body by turning the water dark, if one was given slow poison which cannot be detected otherwise, this bathtub would be a rare treasure to save life by taking a two day dip.

While Lilith was contemplating that how such rare treasures that even the old people or palace was not aware of was in her husband's home Azarios was enjoying himself at her expense.

The rustling of clothes made the gladiator's smile vanish.

She must be looking so divine in the violet robe he had brought for her, he specifically asked her to change because he wanted to see her in the softest lotus silk. That quality of fabric was what made Gaerin richer than Ambrose. Only three artisans in the entire nation and the area around were capable to extract silk from the stem of black lotus from the frozen rivers of Silian.

"Husband is truly capable. Who could have known that this servant would have such great luck" Her waist length hair was opened from its knots its tips touching her hips. The crystal honey eyes were shining like the rays of sun were trapped inside them while plump pink lips was lifted in half a smile.

She looked even better than he imagined.

"Even though I have no intention to fall in love with the general who is using me so that he does not have to marry a deceitful snake but I appreciate your thoughts, you have honored me by giving me this gift."

"True, you are very useful to the general. Go to sleep now" Even though Lilith was sprouting out cold words, disappointment flashed on her face for a second.....was she looking so plain that he did not comment.

He had once an year ago fought a whole group of barbarians, after the clash made him victorious they had offered him a roll of lotus silk in return for sparing their lives. A roll was what could buy him three cities of Ambrose, a thousand army men with three hundred horses but he kept it in hopes that one day he would have the blessing to give it to someone infront of whom the riches he offer would be just dust.

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