By EraRexon
Date: January 12, 2021
Ch. 7Who she is

The caravan of three thousand silver masked soldiers in rugged, violet uniform under the command of General Azarios marched behind the God of War who had a little curve of smile on his face. Azarios hated beauty, his enchantment and face had never helped him.

When he was a child there were numerous court officials and their wives who wanted to make him their plaything once they had their eyes set on him. Azarios had remembered, their face and identity engraved in his memory as he climbed the heavenly ladder of power but today he was glad, this was the first time in his life that he was arrogant of what the goddess of heavens have blessed him with.

The way Lilith explored every inch of his, he could not help but feel immense warmth radiating from her gaze but then there was anger and resentment too burning and igniting the flames of jealousy.

Behind Azarios was a carriage made up of dark sangolian wood, gold leaf petals decorated every inch of the wooden frame in an embroidered fashion of hundred veins climbing the roof, a red eyed, silver carved dove with her wings wide apart was at the top of the roof indicating the status of the lady sitting inside the luxurious barouche pulled by eight white horses.

"Its the general's wife!"

"He can now only take concubines and no official wives."

"The mistress is as beautiful as the deity of eastern monasteries."

The people watched wide eyes, the entire capital bustling and turned upside down in chaos as people poured out on the streets to watch the procession. Seros was walking beside the carriage, his sword drawn out glinting in sun for quenching its thirst if anyone threatened to put the mistresss safety in risk, his shoulders broad and eyes securing the entire area cautiously but even he could not help but be astonished...impossible, Azarios took a wife and that too a woman from Gaerin.

Once Seros too a liking in a maiden from the enemy land but it was such a shame that she threatened to kill him if he did not left the boundaries, one second she saved his life and the very other ordered him to leave.
The man shook his head thinking while inside Lilith was in a complete placid form, they were going to pay their respects to King Alexander and his Queen, Empress Seycea and only then they could leave for the Lotus mansion that belonged to her husband.

While in one side of the city the people were rejoicing and maidens were crying for their loss, some where intrigued while others simply entranced the palace was having a cold war. Emperor Alexander was joyous that instead of taking a wife from an influential background and becoming a threat to his throne, Azarios simply married a commoner. The beast was the most magnificent warrior their regime has seen in five centuries so killing him would have been a trouble and a loss for him.

Empress Seycea was another story though, her heart was weeping blood tears while a rage furious enough to burn the kingdom was instilling in her very core. Azarios only belonged to her.
She was an Empress! How come an unworthy wench came from nowhere to compete with her.
I will claw your eyes out Lilith! a glass pot was thrown with force making it shatter in hundred pieces.
Azarios held Liliths hand as the couple proceed together in harmony near the King. Seros followed them half of the way yet stopping on at a farther distance.
The entire court was in absolute silence as some ministers who were dotting fathers gritted their teeth unimpressed that the man could no longer be with their daughter while others consoled themselves that once their beautiful girls entered his mansion even as a concubine, they would be able to replace Lilith.
"Greeting to his majesty." Azarios stood proudly while Lilith stepped ahead bowing down.
"This servant wishes the majesties live thousand of years, greeting to the supreme rulers." The beautiful soft voice made King Alexander somewhat uncomfortable while Azarios had amusement shining in his eyes. His wife was a lioness wrapped in a soft façade of sheep.

"Rise!"Seycea was the one to answer as her calm face did not sway, only gentle aura seeping out.

"This Empress had heard that you are as beautiful as a moonstone flower, will the Generals wife let us indulge in her beauty?" It wasnt a choice and King Alexander did not refute, he too was absolutely eager to have a look.

When Azarios heard the words his hands twitched, would it be alright to push his dagger right into the eyes of King, would it be fine to pour molten iron in the mouth of the empress, his wife wasn't some harlot that they wished to be indulged in.

When Azarios kept absolutely quiet not asking Lilith to remove her veil Seycea felt bitter. The courage of this General was too much to even put the imperial order as if a dog had barked.When Lilith felt the atmosphere was becoming tense, her fingers pulled the silk away from her face, revealing herself.

Seycea was stumped, the ministers was it possible to compete with her, she made the entire female population look ugly in comparison, even the almighty queen appeared to be bland and plain infront of Liliths elegance.
The king looked at Azarios in jealousy, too much..this man had such good luck.

While the others were trying to come up with a tactic to insult the girl whom they found much above their station Seros was almost vomiting blood.

She was the girl who defeated his soldiers..she could kill the entire court before they even know it.

"To which clan does the general's wife traces her lineage to? The empire of Ambrose has many extraordinary and respectful maidens from high society...from which one does the General's wife come from?" Seycea was gentle like a blooming chrysanthemum flower being seemingly completely immersed in kindness towards the new bride. To the courtiers she seemed like an Empress devoid of any malice and ill spirits always looking out for the aristocrats and her people.

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