By EraRexon
Date: November 14, 2020
Ch. 2Her arrival

Dark blood sky loomed over the people of Gaerin like a maelstrom, dust filled clouds of uncertainty coming closer each passing second as if to engulf their whole soul and suck the life out of them.

The cries of the burning kingdom was far off the ears of the Ambrose army who marched right into the outskirts of the nation without much defiance as if they have giving up.

Without a second thought, without a single fear lining her frost heart Lilith roamed the pastures as if the men weren't hunted down every second, slaves were not captured every moment but the girl strived because Lilith was born to be the bravest of all.
Destiny will always follow its path without any favour, if one had to die, the death must come with gllory.

Fear was a faraway concept, courage thrumming in every pore of her dandelion like skin. she could hear the sound of horses galloping as their feet leaping to move closer to people like her and eventually take them away, the neighs and offers shouted by comrades, making them run as far as they could in fear.

Lilith could care less, why deny and delay the inevitable.

Lilith was inevitable, the invincible force who was well aware of the concepts of beauty, defiance, war and above all victory.
and victorious she shall be.

Her walk in the fields seemed to stop when a stallion bestowed with an army medallion signifying the post of his master stood before her height, as Lilith diverted her view, she saw a man cunningly smiling at her.

"Woods are dangerous at nights miss or are you so naïve to not to be aware?" soon she was surrounded by many of them who laughed at her plight while she maintained a neutral expression on her face.

As one of them got down the horse, an iron chain meant to bind her hand Lilith couldn't help but sense bloodlust and a dark aura from the inside of the woods as they all did simultaneously.

Golden eyes shone like emeralds in the depth of the forest, the mane of the black Asiatic lion not visible to the eyes of others, the one which had grown considerably large these past few years his height higher then the tallest man himself.

Not now Herodoctus

The lion could almost smell the emotions of Lilith, the slight curve of her face when the men cried in horror not able to see anything apart from the creatures eyes.

Herodoctus retreated back into the dark shadows watching Lilith knowing if the woman wanted she could water the fields with those men's blood. He saw the men bind her hand and drag her away hastily and the woman turned her head back almost smiling as if whispering a goodbye.


"Present her to the lord, if the lord permits only then we can have her." a man smiled sinisterly as I kept walking, them dragging me along the iron chains.

When the water is shallow, even the ducks dare to swim. Only if I could pull of his tongue and cut it into half I would rejoice the fact that I have eradicated a monster from the face of earth.
That time had not arrived yet..

"Throw the peasant into the cellar and don't you dare touch her, we don't want a repeat of last time." The tall general ordered the troop making some of them freeze and shudder with horror. I wondered what had happened? my blood boiled and heart cried out, was there a woman who had suffered from their hands?"

After waling an hour we finally reached the cross borders of Ambrose, a huge red tent lined with other small ones as if it was waiting for their arrival.

The general turned around motioning to guards to disperse, leaving both of us surrounded by other guards working hastily in distance.

"Keep your head down." he ordered in anger, gritting his teeth when I kept looking him in the eye. I complied without creating much problems for him... not now atleast.

"Our lord is arriving in an hour, from today you are a maid in Ambrose, whatever is asked of you, you need to do it without question....except any sex services asked from you, don't create a scene infront of the Lord. Else if you did not do something....tried to run, we will slaughter all of the Gaerin people we have brought with us."

I smiled inwardly, I need to meet this 'Lord'.

The drums beating furiously signed that someone whose authority could not be challenged or questioned was arriving soon.
What I couldn't understand was why there were nobel woman present in a war camp which could eaisely get captured amongst the cruel battle.

But soon I understood.

The butterflies were insanely and intensely attracted to the honey. As I was serving them refreshments, my head bowed down so to not attract any attention, I could hear them fawning over the man.

"Cinthia, don't worry at all, the Lord is your friend, he would definitely accept you." The words spoken were seemed to be kind but the tone was full of sarcasm as another woman dressed in blue glared at the one in red gown who was fanning her face.

"Ofcourse he will Jillian." She boasted laughing haughtily.
I couldn't help but bow down low and retreat. One more second with the lowly beings and I would lose my brain.
"YOU! disrespectful creature, how dare you refuse to serve us! Have you been given permission to leave?"

Jillian's furious glare turned into a fearful expression as I rose my head, my eyes meeting hers.
Such unworthy cheap woman would never command respect from me.

"I serve no one woman. Keep your pitiful mind upon serving your 'Lord' and drowning in jewellery. If you speak too much, don't blame me for pulling off your tongue."
And just like I was out of the tent with the woman still in shock.

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