By EraRexon
Date: January 29, 2021
Ch. 10Conspiracy 1

"Your eyes are mirroring your soul general, your anxiety is visible." Azarios swirled the wine glass, eyes completely focused on the sparkling pink liquid inside the silver glass as if he had not just noticed the deep emotions inside Seros.

White wolf fur made the surface of the silver armor sheathing that Azarios was dressed in today. Variants of this fur was only available for the rich that represented the high aristocratic circle. A symbol of grace, peace and harmony it was usually wore when a great happiness was bestowed by gods on one family, the reason why this fur adorned the Beast of Ambrose was clear- he favored his wife and was satisfied with her.....both in and out of the chambers.

Although the couple did not intended to have sex just yet but it was necessary to pretend the complete opposite.

"I have failed you my lord." the young soldier was having a battle, a war that was taking place between the heart and mind, the mayhem swirling inside him was so harsh that the aftermath was visible in his blue eyes.

"And how is that?" Azarios did not questioned people because he had the habit of reading the very soul without a word falling from the mouth but when he did, it was either during a interrogation or when he wanted the people to accept their own sins.

"I know the mistress Mylord." The commander who was keenly focusing on the nature suddenly turned his sharp onyx eyes to his subordinate making Seros go on one knee, bowing down but refusing to back down on his word.

He was loyal to his Commander and knew that if he lied he would be betraying the very person who helped him raise his head and live a life devoid of pain that would have been certainly followed because King Alexander wasn't particularly fond of the man because of his noble background but the reason he did not had any particular reason or hatred Seros was spared.

The weather had been exceptionally brilliant today, with the cobalt sky splattered with small clouds and the wind blowing soothingly, the early morning brought a feeling of immense mirth but like a leaf fallen into the clashing waves of a mountain river the feeling too washed up.

Azarios was radiating a harsh aura that his soldiers were well aware of. It was true that Seros had failed him. It was extremely clear that the information he gained on Lilith was completely fabricated. She knew how to fight and yet what the general was originally informed was that she wanted to join the army yet did not.

It was a possibility that she was a spy sent by the king. He liked Lilith but that never meant that he would go blind for a woman so that she could kill him. There was attraction between the two yet there was a clash.

He liked her but that did not meant he can trust her yet. He has to pay attention to what she does, although they took an oath and she gave him her word of not harming him but the truth was that when the throne and nation is on line, one can never be too careful.

"What does one knows?"

"Sire, I met the lady two years go in the age of serpent, when I was on a expedition to search for the inji roots to cure my father's chronic illness. I along with my soldiers were unaware that we have exceeded the boundary because of the dense forests and ventured to the lands of Gaerin.

We encountered wolves and were losing their trails when we were stopped by her. I-I......she is not so simple Mylord...that day when we saw her, she was riding a beast of night and made us retreat back to our lands.

She is here for a purpose Commander, she is definitely a spy or worse an assassins, I am-"

"Did I asked for an opinion Seros?" the man gulped when subjected to such cold treatment.

"Let me take care of my wife, you need not cross your limits."


If the morning was terrifying the present scenario was gut wrenching. Lilith had invited Seros in the garden for tea after Azarios was gone to the court. The unscathed shadow of the woman in the sunset was leisurely sipping her tea while eyeing the general soldier with a gaze sharp as a platinum blade.

The vermilion she wore today contrasted the royal blue coat of the third in command, dark scar running down his neck was proof enough that he did not fear people but his authority was not high enough so he had to submit. He met her golden predatory gaze and adverted his cyan eyes feeling stiff.

"May the servant know the reason the mistress of the great Lotus mansion has summoned one?"

"How is your father?" the man would have thanked Lilith if he could sense even an ounce of care in her tone but her expressionless melodious voice suggested she was merely engaging in a conversation with him and for what reason he was unaware.

"With the blessing of her grace my father is well." His father was dying but the man said with a stoic face, meeting her chocolate eyes.

"General Seros, this is my gratitude to you, I hope the mighty general likes it." When the woman placed a red pouch on the white embroidered table that they were having tea on Seros did not bothered to open the bag thinking it was money to keep his mouth shut. He did not even dared to take sip of the fragrant chamomile tea thinking the beautiful seductress might have poisoned it.

"Neither you are so busy nor I am so free General, the thing you are rejecting thinking its mere gold of jingling of coins might save thousands of life and if I remember might need saving one." When the pink lips curved in a half smile, it looked as if the entire world has come to life with the magnificence.

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