Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: October 27, 2020
Ch. 7Wounds reaopened

Axiom Academy

Alaina's pov

"You sure you are alright? You seem to be lost." Cally's voice reached my ears to which I sighed. Atleast she was considerate enough to ask.

"I am fine Cal, just tired."

"Tell me when you feel like it" she eyed me suspiciously but didn't confronted me at the moment. And with that we parted our ways in the school ,last night's ball was grand but today was a bit grey for me, I didn't knew why.

I was walking aimlessly, crossing the hallways- where I collided with someone.
"Hey, are you ok?" A masculine voice asked while his arm shot out to steady me, leaving soon as if my touch had burned him. I looked up to meet crystal blues of the person- Ryan.

"It's fine" I replied sourly, whenever I try to avoid people, something or the other gets into my way.
"Geez ,no need to be so rude princess, it was partially your fault too". I gaped at him. Audacity of this boy.
"It was not my damn fault." Ok even if it was ,I was too stubborn to accept it.

His eyes narrowed ,while his jaw clenched. "How come I would know that-"

"Ryan, just drop it."another person interrupted our fighting contest. "Guys let's start over again ,Ryan is not in a mood today. I am Ace, his best friend and you are?"

I mentally scoffed at his attempt for a reintroduction."My name is Alaina,and I am not interested in starting again"
I saw a dark mist passing Ace face but when I looked at him again it was like the darkness was never there.
'Bitch move' my inner voice drawled.

And with that I parted my ways with them and reached towards my psychology class.
"privet studenty (welcome students), to the new session of psychology", Miss Lily's voice lined with so much enthusiasm that it made me wonder what was that to be so happy?

And with that she started the subject which I listened attentively. I loved psychology, it makes you capable of knowing people without really knowing them, just look into their habits and you know the person perfectly.
Today my mind kept drifting time from time. The bell rang and the students packed their belongings.

I was picking up my things when a tap on my shoulders alerted me.

"Hey I am sorry about the incident ,I didn't mean to offend you." it was Ryan, his eyes holding a sincere apology and something more which I couldn't get a grip on.

I sighed "No, I guess it was me who overreacted, it was my fault. Your friend seem to be nice, I guess Ace deserves an apology, I was downright ungrateful to him."

"So why don't we start over, are you up for a coffee ? My friends would be there, if you are that keen to apologise." he teased.

I would have refused if it was any other day but today I didn't wanted to be left alone with my thoughts, it just seemed like a paranoia, but I was having an apprehension that something was off today, like my conscience was telling me to not to be alone.

Even if it was someone I knew who could never be a well-wisher of mine.
"Can I bring my cousin?" His eyes darkened a shade when I asked about Cally and I wondered what was his problem.
"Sure, so today after school at Starbucks."

Right now we were seated at the front tables of Starbucks. Cally was sipping her 'Rich and custardy' coffee while we talked about various things and surprisingly it felt real good to hangout with the boys.
"So Cally ,you live with Alaina?" Ryan asked her. He sure knew how to keep up a conversation even though some of his questions seemed a bit personal.

She nodded while sipping her coffee. "My parents are mostly abroad or busy in their buisness, we don't communicate much . Even though saying this my mother does call me every second day but my father is as ignorant as he can ever be" She replied with a hint of bitterness in her voice, quietly glaring at me as subtly as she can.
"Some people make your life better with their absence..... don't they Alaina?" the way Ace said those words made a chill run down my spine.

I shifted in my seat awkwardly while observing him, spectacles with brown rugged hair and chubby cheeks. A worn out sweater covering every inch of his skin. He didn't looked like someone to cause any trouble. So I let it go.

"Tommorow is a carnival at Redmond street anybody up for it." Tyler asked us to which I agreed, but I don't know why but I felt they changed the subject purposely.

Storm Palace


"No please, no" a soft voice cried with agony ,the pain and anguish in it clearly evident.
"Years of hardwork and treachery has gone into vain just because of YOUR fucking existence. You destroyed my dreams ,I will destroy yours." A cruel thunderous voice bellowed, followed by a series of sobs by it's victim.

He was a sadist ,a maniac who was not aware of limits.
A little girl of ten was bound with shackles, tears flowing down her cheeks freely with tremors racking her whole body. "I-I am s-sorry". Her small voice resonated.

The chains around her throat and legs were opened with a clank."You want to rule this -the empire which I have fucking created with my sweat and blood, then defeat me and do it" his rough hands harshly pulled her on her feet , handing her a wooden stick.

"I-I d-don't know how to f-fight, pl-please, I don't w-want to." her hoarse voice called.

A scream which was dulled by the sound of thunder woke up Alaina from a nightmare- her scream. She sat up blinking her eyes frantically, a droplet of tear landing on her cheek followed by others.

She stood with wobbly legs reaching towards her bathroom. Her legs didn't support her but she didn't care.

Turning on the shower she stood underneath it, letting the cold water soak her body. Years-it had taken her eight years to make her capable to cope with these monstrous nightmares. She fell on her knees.

It was raining heavily outside, the pitter patter of falling water could be clearly heard. Nature had it's own way of expressing it's emotions and right now it seemed like it was expressing rage and grief.

Her tears turned into sobs and sobs into screams which she muffled by putting her fist into her mouth, it was like a dagger was pushed though her chest and twisted. Death would be less painful than experiencing them again and again.
Because they were not just nightmares ,her memories were haunting her.

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