Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: October 27, 2020
Ch. 4poisonous

Axiom Academy


Cally's POV

If I could, I would burn Alaina to death, no less... nothing less than that. Yes I was thankful for her to save me from the clutches of Kevin.

But with whose grace I fell. It was due to that slut and nobody else.
Yes she was kind to me but had I asked her to be? Such a cutting fox who always took advantage of every little situation.

What was she infront of me.... absolutely nothing.

I would apologize to her yes but I would always remember that she had been the one to take my father away. Had she died I would have not only got the Strom empire in the palms of my hand but also everything would be alright and I wouldn't be filled with such hatred.
Yes, it wasn't my fault.

As much as she denied and didn't believe that the people of the Axiom Academy worshipped her, she couldn't be more wrong .They truly adored her.Though some tried to gossip and spread hatred towards her, others defended her valor.

I was ready for the backlashing which I was destined to be receiving today. Walking out of my car was a serious struggle for me. But I will remember each and every face that ridicules me and when the right time comes, I will strike.

People were whispering things and pointing looks, some were filled with approvals but most of them were of disbelief and an aura of uncertainty was swirling in the atmosphere.

Of all the things I had expected I didn't expect Alaina to completely ignore me, her shouting, bickering would have been expected but this was worse. She didn't even spare a single glance my way in the corridor and it was breaking my heart.
If I couldn't manipulate her than how would I achieve my goal.

After grandfather passed, the only person who didn't give up on me was her, despite my bitchy attitude and rude behaviour towards her, she didn't leave me like my parents. In the eyes of the world she became the benovalent princess and I, a discarded thrash. 

There used to be numerous times when she called me and texted me and I used my colourful dictionary telling that I hated her. She could have despised me but still I received love. Honestly I had my reasons, while she had everything served to her on a silver platter I didn't even have a loving father.

There were countless times I remember her banging my door when I locked up myself, she threatened that she would break the door if she had to and she would take my pet dog Jules away but she didn't.

Then there came a time when she took Jules and ran towards her car showing me her tongue ,she shoved Jules and herself inside and that stupid little thing was wagging his tail encouraging his own kidnapping .

So like a fool I am, I chased them with my baby blue Ferrari to her house where my uncle and aunt bribed me with chocolates and flowers of varieties and when I say varieties ,it means orchids , chrysanthemum, blue roses , violets, lilacs. They knew I was a sucker for flowers. Me and Alaina both were .

The next day when I woke up in their house and all my stuff was neatly arranged in a spare room which was no longer spared, hell it was even painted with my favourite colour violet.

I screamed like maniac that I didn't wish to stay but my insides were so thankful. That's what a true family was.
That's what I should have been given since birth. Not a makeshift family bestowed upon me as a offering. I was no begger.

At first I was thankful to Alaina but soon the gratitude totally diminished converting into jealousy.
I was going to take away everything that belonged to her sooner or later because it never belonged to her in the first was mine..just mine.

My first class was history which I would have missed if the screeching bell had not reminded me of it and broke my chain of thoughts.

History was boring as usual. I found my benchmate drooling over her notebook mumbling about star wars which would have been hilarious if I would have been in mood.
"My dear students" miss Tessa clapped. Her over excited and shrill voice made groans come out from various parts of the classroom. Axiom Academy or whatever, students are students- uninterested and ignorant.

" We are soon going to have new students who with their excellence and etiquettes have managed to enroll in the world's best educational institution ,so show them some grace... blah blah blah......"

I shut her up after that and began observing my surroundings. A girl was twirling her dyed red hair , a girl in hoodie was seated at the far corner, she was making her notes.
I wonder what the bitch was doing?
............ ............................ ................
A girl was perched atop of the maple tree, her hands resting on a cliché romance book ,light brown eyes scanning it contently. Her golden brown hair falling in waves, with a small smile fighting it's way to her full pink lips.
It was her favourite place to rest ,if somebody had seen her they would say it was her favourite hobby too but no it wasn't, it was food .

After yesterday's events which had drained her completely .She didn't wish to go to school but she had some work which had to be done so it turns out the Academy's garden would be her place for the day.
Sometimes Alaina wished to laugh and then scream so loud that her sou

l which was dipped in pain could be placid for a moment. They thought she was lucky.. that girl was far from lucky.
Sometimes a bad thing can protect you from worse but Alaina didn't had it bad......only worst.

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