Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: April 23, 2021
Ch. 36Die 3

The door to his office opened and there he was sitting, his head lowered, focusing on the piles of document that surrounded him but when those mystical irises met mine all hell broke loose.

He stood up sensing something was wrong as he called out my name while I rushed to him in so much agony that my heart felt burning, banging my small weak fists against his chest.

"I hate you! I hate you! I hate you !!" My tears were dribbling down my face as sob after sob broke free from my chest.

My body laid limp after sometime, his stature supporting me as I cried horrendously burying my face into his safe hold.

"I f-failed you."

He lied to me, didn't even cared about ruining his name, there was nothing wrong with him, he was my god and me....I was his biggest mistake. I couldn't even-

"Please stop, baby listen to me."

"I a-am so sorry, I am so so s-sorry." I couldn't even do a single thing well, my Ares, i almost killed him, I almost killed my baby i-

He scooped me up into his arms as his lips met mine in a punishing kiss, my crying ceased and yet he wasn't satisfied. The collision of his mouth bruising mine, punishing me and not letting me even utter a single word defined how he felt.

He took in the inner chambers of the office, straight into the conjoined bedroom. My tears mingling with his as he settled me down onto the bed not letting himself separated from me even for a moment as I facepalmed and wailed.

"You have no valor Alaina Waylon, you are the Queen of the mafia dynasty yet your promises are hollow and your word don't hold any meaning." His hands removed mine from my face staring straight into my soul as his eyes met mine.

"You promised me, this Ajax Waylon that you belong to me, that I own you and not yourself. Who has given you the power to utter even a single wrong word about yourself because in reality you have no power over your mind, soul, body...all of that is mine.

Tell me Alaina, till yesterday when it was me you did not ask even a single question on my incompetence and today as soon as you know about your flaw you dare come infront of your husband with so much hatred for yourself.

Didn't you say you love me? Then who the fuck gives you the authority to hate what I love the most in the entire world?" My crying ceased as I looked at him gathering me into his arms and rocking me back and forth. We were in that position for an hour, me clinging to him as he scolded me and poured all his feelings.

I never knew that he was aware of my self loathing. He was hurting because I was hurting, my every tear had made his heart bleed and his every word was an awakening.

I can not continue like this

can not teach my child self love if I know nothing about it myself

cannot hurt my Ajax anymore and today was the day I have decided to love my scars, to love my love Ajax's Alaina because true to his word I was his.

"Do you love me?" I was an insane woman to ask my husband that question with my glassy eyes and yet he did not say anything but showed me.

Lowering onto the bed, his one hand held my neck gently while the other supported him above me. His lips made contact with my skin, every inch of it that was visible was kissed by him before he took off my frock.

He painted me in colors of love, every single thrust was gentle, I felt him. Him whispering my name as he made love to my body and soul. Made me feel so much appreciated that i did not had any tears left to cry.

He just loved me and made me love myself.

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