Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: October 28, 2020



Before Nixon could run an arm wrapped around his throat pulling out the life inside him.
"You dare flirt with my girl, feeding her lies." Ajax roared in fury.

"Jax let him go." Alaina didn't knew why Ajax was wasting his time on a pesky fellow, Nixon was no threat at all so it was better to just let him go.

Nixon's face was turning blue as he clawed at the hands wrapped around him struggling furiously as Ajax dropped him panting on the ground.
Alaina took Ajax's hand pulling him towards the opposite side of the manor, deep in the garden covered with Jasmine and Juliet roses turning behind for a second to see the boy gone.

The girl sighed.
What an eventful day.
Ajax on the other hand went without question his large frame following her inside the small one story wooden building admist of all the greenry.

His large muscular form made the cottage shrink in size as he closed the door pressing her against the wooden surface and closing in on her.
His fingers wrapped around her slender neck gently making her lips part as she sucked in a breath.
His thumb traced his cheek, exploring her pouty red lips.

"Open" she complied, her lashed fluttering shyly as he pushed his thumb in between her lips.
"Suck little girl." She looked upto him watching her darkly, her large doe eyes calling out to him, honey browns shining like stars as her tongue swirled around his thumb, licking it once as her lips sucked on it.
He pulled his thumb out making a pop sound, she bit her lips remembering how much he loved turning her all hot and bothered for him.

Ajax bend down his head, their breaths intermingling, his lips parted watching her with fascination as she pressed herself closer in hopes that he would kiss her hard taking her breath away.
How could he refuse?

His palm left her throat moving to the back of her neck, tilting her head towards himself he kissed her hard, her mouth being hungrily ravished by him.

She moaned into the kiss as his other palm held her breast caressing the hardening nub, playing with it. His mouth left her whimpering as his head bend down making it his aim to make her all his all over again and again...till he was stated that their scents could not be possibly distinguished.

Tangerine sun of evening appeared on her creamy skin. Red hot, angry clouds filled with passion and bursting with his jealousy blossomed on her neck as his mouth burned her with vigour and his claim announcing to the world that she was his.
Each time his tongue made contact with her flesh, it left her burned and bruised, her soft gazzle body withering and trembling under his touch as she held his broad shoulders clutching them with her dainty fingers.
Those marks were so precious that she would love them adorning her body than any diamond jewellery meant for an ancient queen.

His hands opened the strings holding the top of the gown together,making it fall to her waist like the petals of a flower opening to present the juicy anther filled with nectar to the honeybee.

"Ajaxx" she whimpered in need not able to understand herself what did she want. Her next exposed, while head rested on the wooden door as he ravished her completely, possessesed her body.
It was as if his touch left her high on bliss, his palm tracing her spine from her ass to her neck.
He had achieved salvation. If everything he has ever gone through was meant to make him come to her.
It was worth it.
Whenever they had sex, Ajax felt that he had taken dozes of cocaine, he didn't knew what it was to take drugs but when he was with her he understood the meaning of pure pleasure and love. It was as if the world was unnecessary.
She pulled his head up, her fingers getting lost in the midnight sun threads, soft locks pulled by her as they devoured each other.

Her hands were impatient, a need, a want and a heavy greed in them to touch him. With his help she took off his black blazer without stopping the punishing kiss, opening his white shirt, her fingers curled around his broad shoulders bared as he took off the white obstruction completely.

They broke the kiss, Alaina panting heavily while Ajax releasing soft breaths. She watched him hoping he would take her, fuck her and punish her. Due to the party and it's preparations she was untouched by him since three days and it felt like she had passed an eon without him.

His hand went to her head threading his fingers through her thick golden locks.
"Baby" he breathed and she knew he was starving as well. How could they go that long without one another. Since the day she had taken him first time, they couldn't stop.

It was impossible for them to stay in the same room and keep their hands off each other.
His hands pulled the gown completely off her, leaving Alaina just in her transparent lingerie.

His forest eyes darkened. She always put efforts for him and even though she would look like a fairy even in a potato sack, his heart couldn't help but love the feel of the soft material against her creamy skin.

"seus seios ficam comestíveis pra caralho nessa tesouro"
(your tits look so fucking edible in this treasure)
And by the way his fingers pinched her pink nipple visible in the bra she could tell that he said something dirty to her.

He hooked his fingers in the bra and ripped it apart making her breasts bounce for him. Alaina's breath hitched drawing out a moan as her pussy creamed.
"Fuck baby you are so good to me." pink nipples peeked up at him as he picked her up, making Alaina wrap her thighs around his torso.

Alaina couldn't care less, she bought the dress for him, he could rip it if it brought pleasure to him but what she cared for was that his mouth suddenly closed around her pink nipple making her shamelessly cry out loud.
His tongue swirled around it as Alaina's fingers pulled his hair, throwing her head back the girl unconsciously rubbed her pussy at his clothed cock making a groan fall out of his lips.

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