Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: October 27, 2020
Ch. 3Lethal

Waylon Palace


The Palace had seen many masters some were harsh while others tend to be kind. The generations of Waylon's were born and have gained their honour here .This palace held the darkest of secrets, the ones which nobody dared to talk about but everyone remembered.

White cream walls with majestic pillars which made the foundation of the mansion represented the once peaceful demeanour of the place. The windows were draped with lush curtains, a magnanimous chandelier hanging on high ceiling, all royal blue representing the symbol of the empire - Valour.

His father once owned it , his mother and his little sister were happy in their own dream world and their loving family but some things are bound to change ,now what remained was his thirst for vengeance.
The terror in the eyes of his little sister, Dia haunted him to this day.

There were times when he questioned himself why he didn't go on a killing spree after the tragedy striking his home but then he recalled his father's words 'sometimes death is mercy'  and forgiving was the last thing he could be. had taken him years to bend his emotions according to his will. His aggression and madness stayed draped behind the placid facade.

The new master of the mansion was right now at his favourite place - the underground ,his personal fighting arena .Other members of the palace were strictly prohibited to enter the place. It reeked of fresh wood and snow but it wasn't so refreshing as it's smell.

The sounds of constant punching of the fists could be heard throughout the arena but not outside , because he came there to find his lost peace, to take out his aggression, to avoid converting in the beast his needs were urging him. So to keep it all to himself he made it soundproof.

Ajax had known tears and blood, the world for him was never fair, a part of his along ith his innocence had died the day when he saw dead bodies and he could not help but understand that the power belonged to the one who was capable enough for it to hold. the day he had started earning in the mafia world he had realized that every single life mattered.

The Mafia involved drugs, assassination and human trafficking. Ajax's purpose was to make the foundation of the blood regime so hollow that it collapses, crumbles and burns in ashes beneath his foot.

For other men involved in the dark world human trafficking was the most profitable business, a crime so heinous that it could shatter the person from inside and as a little child who had seen his four year old sister on the verge of being taken by vile men….Ajax had made something a more profitable source- assassination of Lords and Mafia Don's while condemning and stopping the black market of human slaves to the extent that the others became wary.

His wrath has rained upon them so ruthlessly that absolutely no one tried to defy him. His methods were cruel but still just. It was against the rules of the mafia to kill kins- the Lords in alliance but laws are made by monarchs and right now his word was law.

He never wanted people to be just afraid of his presence ,No he wanted them to be so damn frightened that even in their sleep they bow down to him. Power - people fight for power and gain it , but he wasn't there to fight for it ,it was his ,always and forever -from the day he was born till his last breath.....till eternity.

His stone cold heart was never beating for love nor that he ever wished it did.
There's a swift knocking on the door which was left unanswered. He didn't want to hear anybody. He wanted to gather all his fury which he was hiding from the world because the time has finally come where he would unleash it all on one person.

There was another urgent knock on the door before it could be repeated the door was thrown open with Ajax towering over the mafia bodyguard who shuddered from the close proximity, a chill running down his spine.

People even twice his age were unable to look him in the eye, the crystal greens in them were even more beautiful than the depths of the deepest ocean, but they remained calm and dangerous.

"The jet is ready boss only if you wish to proceed". the man replied, his eyes cast down.
Ajax motioned the guard to wait outside where hundreds like him were scrutinizing every security detail.
Before going to Russian land he further moved inside his fighting pit, unlocking the security code, a royal blue falcon appearing on the screen- the symbol of Waylon business empire ,the symbol of him.

"Tell me the master of all, the swiftest of sword and the monarch of skies will heaven fall before your eyes?" The robotic voice presented the puzzle in a monotonous voice.
"Heaven may befall but Underworld would stand as strong and powerful as the Titan's clan." A beep sounded after he utter those words recognizing his voice and correct answer.

"Welcome Master." The machine replied.

His fingers swiftly typed a message and send them to an anonymous person inside the American Don's Julian Romanov's residence- his uncle.

His lips curing into a smirk.
The hunt has begun.

He could have left the Alaina Strom alone, they never had any personal enimity but Valace Strom her uncle had only one weakness that was Alaina itself. And Valace Strom would pay the price.

"Lets see how Russians welcome a hurricane."
His swift footsteps echoing throughout were welcomed by head bodyguard Jamie and his son Andreas.
But before that a sharp movement caught his eye, he looked down at the concrete blocks his eyes racking a silvery button on the floor.
"MOVE DOWNNN! " his voice boomed just seconds before the blast was heard.

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