Devil's Vow( Original Version)
By EraRexon
Date: October 28, 2020
Ch. 17Achilles' heel

After one week

Allac State

Ajax's eyes were drinking her all, capturing her each and every movement as she glided across the room, twirling her dress, she seemed to be unaware of the person leaning against her door.
A round silver carved mirror was proudly displaying the Strom princess' beauty as she smoothed down her dress.
Looking at the mirror, she saw him behind her, giving his genuine signature grin which made him look so stunning, her breathing stopped for a moment.

"You are really a treasure, a dangerously beautiful one at that" he turned her examning her almond eyes which were sparkling with happiness, kissing her forehead with so much affection that it warmed her heart.
"I wasn't too keen of wearing it but I guess you like it, i think I look less ugly in this" she joked but her eyes widened when she saw emotions in his eyes breaking like sparkling glass, turmoil in those turquoise green orbs- all raw for her, just for her.

"You think you are ugly because of these scars? Now let me show you how ugly you are" with that he smashed his lips to hers, batteling for dominance, no it wasn't a gentle kiss, it was a war of passion. His one hand engulfed her waist and other cupping her jaw and neck with one palm.

His tounge entered her mouth exploring her depths, kissing her like she was his last breath, pushing her towards the wall while submerging her cold presence in his warm one-  fire collided with ice.
The Portuguese Devil and the princess of Russia's frozen world- unaware to the world, their combination was deadly.
She loved strawberries and surely tasted like one, digging her fingers into his shoulders, the world seemed to the blur around them.

She pulled away, her breathing rapid but he didn't seemed to have enough of her, pushing down one strap of her dress he trailed opened mouth kisses along her collarbone to her shoulder, then biting her neck in the soft-hard way that made her go crazy again peppring it with kisses.

"J- Jax" she moaned out, a seiren's call to his ears.
"Time for telling you what you actually are little treasure" his tounge trailed her skin antagonizingly slow,  teeth scraping softly against her neck.

He flipped her so that her front was pressed against the wall. Taking off another strap down while continuing his wet kisses on her neck, his hands trailing down to her hips.

She wished to touch him, feel him, kiss every inch of that ambrosial body of his and see the masculine beast wither for her, but right now it seemed like he was teaching her a lesson- the one she would never want to stop.
He opened the back zip of her gown to her waist, her creamy flesh being exposed, the faded scars on her back seemed to scream the tale of her survival.

He bend down on his knee, tracing each one of those marks with his lips while calling her his treasure, his goddess, his princess, his women, giving her so much love and care, it made her eyes glistened with unshed tears.
"Who are you baby?"

"I am your woman"
"Hmmm...Baby you are the woman I will conquer the world with"
If he was death she was ready to die.
Rivan Castle


Tartarus in Greek mythology is the deep abyss- a dungeon of torment, greif, cries and inflicting unimaginable pain on the evil souls making them suffer the same hellflames in which they burned the lives of other innocent men.

But Tartarus headquarters of American mafia was a different tale, it's roots of crimes were connected to the city of Houstan in America but it has spread it's venom to Russia, China, Cambodia and various parts of Asia.

Today was the birthday of the American Don Julian. Various delegates and connections were meant to be strengthen today and write a new history of blood in Russia.

A large garden embellished with white roses and Camilla flowers came into view as a black Mercedes stopped in front of it, security with all types of guns and snipers roaming on the roof of the Victorian style Castle secured the area.
Cream coloured fountains sprouting blue water came into view as the driver of the Mercedes opened the door for his master- A man and a black veiled beauty emerged from the car, her dress, a stark contrast on her milky skin, making her epitome of beauty, the man put his hand softly on her waist- a sign of respect and importance.

The blue lush carpet adorned with lavender and lilacs welcoming them inside the castle. Several heads turned to eye the green eyed beast with brown hair- Ajax, staring him with awe, he was an enigma enough to enchant people.
The girl beside him wasn't a low standard seductress, she was a queen who owned the land she walked on and it could be seen the way her calm paces made people become aware of the huntress among them- Alaina.
Her face was veiled with the finest of black lace, only making her eyes visible.

The Don viewing the scene from above balcony spotted the one he was searching from one hour.

To say Julian was happy and satisfied to have Ajax here was least one could say but he was surprised to see the girl with him, his eyes widened when he saw the grip he had on the girl- Pride and Respect but most of all it screamed of love.

The Achilles heel of Ajax Waylon ,he smirked, so not only the Brazilian heir came himself but brought his precious women with him.

But when his scrutinizing gaze examined the girl he noticed her movement described she was a trained warrior, a perfect match for the devil.
She wasn't his Achilles's heel, she was his strength.

And Julian was dying to meet his nephew's queen...even if Ajax disliked it..

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