By EraRexon
Date: October 20, 2020
Ch. 9athelia

The werewolf scriptures and sacred texts were filled with various myths and legendary creatures of night and those mighty folklores were carved on the temple of King Hades in the northern city of the werewolf kingdom.
The stories were believed to be sagas of Gods and the temple was the proof enough for it to be true.
Medusa gazed at the pictures carved in the ceiling in awe, the ancient protector of the Underworld, Cerberus was painted on it breathing fire.
"Hurry up pup, we need to find the priest." Zion held Medusa's wrist guiding her to the huge mahogany doors of the magnanimous temple.
An archaic dagger was kept in the confines of a glass case. Medusa felt drawn to it like a thirsty man to a drop of water in the esoteric desert.
"Please come with me dad." She dragged Zion with her to the huge dagger, her fingers feeling the rusted fonts engraved on the pedestal on which it was kept.

"Athelia" a gasp escaped Zion's mouth.

"Dad what is it?" but before Zion could answer a man in light grey attire appeared in front of her, his face was calm and a soft comforting smile present on his kind features, a spark of satisfaction gleamed in his blue irises.
"Athelia is the name of this lethal weapon- the most powerful weapon in all the realms. It's the dagger of the moon goddess Persephone herself, it is said that the demons of hell had gifted her this as an honour."
"How come it is among us?" The priest smiled to Medusa's hesitant question.

"It's said that mother Luna Persephone has kept Athelia in this temple herself for a prodigious mortal but when you see closely.....the weapon is incomplete. There was a stone engraved in it's base but now it's missing since decades."
Medusa stiffened, her hands becoming cold and clammy from a foreign feeling coursing through her.
"W-What i-is the colour of that gem?"

"Violet-blue emerald, it's only one in the whole cosmos, there are none other like it." Medusa paled, her eyes widening.
"Do you know a place me and my daughter can stay for a few months? We are normads and have been continuously travelling for three days without any permanent shelter."

The priest and Zion talked not noticing the erratic breaths of Medusa.

"Do you have money?" Zion nodded taking out seven gold coins from his woolen coat's pocket.
"Ah seven coins? Well it's enough for four months."
four months...the earth was going to spin reverse on its axis, time was going to alter, destines were going to be woven in those four months.

The wooden cabin given to them was in the quite area of the countryside. Orange tress surrounded the house with the aroma of it's freshness lingering in the rooms.
The coppery chestnut colour of the walls gave off the cozy vibe pacifying Medusa. Her small bed was made in the corner of a room lightened with a few candles.

A tear trailed down her cheek reminiscing her dreams of a similar house with a loving mate and children.
How stupid was she to weave such fantasies, she must have remembered that girls like her are not entitled to happiness neither were to peace.

Her hands were trembling, she kept recalling the words of the priest...the violet stone.
"Medi?" Zion knocked on her door twice, opening it to see Medusa petrified.
"What happened princess?"

"I have that stone dad....the gem that the monk was talking about." She parted her hair pulling out the necklace pendant Rhysand gave her.
"Who the hell gave it to you Medusa?" Zion's anger spiked, it was in no way a coincidence that this emerald was the same size and cutting of the base of Athelia.
The Rogue King was frozen, he sat himself on the chair near the window, watching the starry blanket of sky as snow fell from the clusters of dark grey clouds.
"What is he Medusa?" His voice was blank, void of any emotions, completely guarded.
"That day when he was captured by the should have seen him, the audacity of that bastard...he wasn't afraid...not even for a second, I could feel it in my bones that he was lying to every single thing.
You should have seen the way his eyes darted around the arena, it looked like he was watching the souls of each being around him, yet searching for somebody admist of all chaos.
When he was forcefully bend on his knees, his eyes....his eyes flashed to cyan and for just a second I felt a presence too powerful even for the werewolf king to tell me Medusa, what is he? A god? A demon? What the fuck is running in those veins of him....mortal blood or immortality of ambrosia nectar?"

"Lycan" Medusa breathed softly and Zion's eyes widened as his jaw clenched.

"It can't be true.... Lycans are myths."

"So am I dad, the people out there think that it's impossible for someone like me to exist. That absolutely no one can have that much power and not be a god but here I am daddy.....defying all laws of universe."
"You don't understand Medi....

There is a saga that Lycans are the incarnations of hellhounds.

There was only one Lycan born in the history and he was the first werewolf...Alpha Damien, the father of Queen Persephone who later became the sacred goddess of all werewolves
There was a rumor years ago, a son was born to the Werewolf king- Valium. It was said that he was divine.
After twelve years when I was still an Alpha the said Prince disappeared.

The soilders of the castle reported that Valium had captured a nymph to see the future in which he saw his son dethroning and killing him.
After the boy vanished some said he was dead, other feared to say anything, while some dared say he was banished.
And if Rhysand is a Lycan Medusa...... Is it possible he could be the banished prince?"

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