By EraRexon
Date: October 24, 2020

"LONG LIVE QUEEN MEDUSA" the soldiers chanted in sync unknown that she had no intentions to live another single moment. She had done what she was truly born for.
She was done here.

The people in the background...her father, Celeste, Lucien..all of them faded, she didn't even knew why Lucien was at her side when he had already betrayed her before but now she didn't cared.
They were looking at her to give them their next command but she remained silent, her tongue tied.
Her snakes had disappeared abruptly indicating that her powers were completely drained...gone forever but if she ever wanted to fight she was still an an unstoppable force....but not right now.

Medusa had trouble breathing, her blood rushed to her ears as her legs trembled unable to hold her weight but she used the last ounce of her strength to utter some words which sucked the energy out of her.
"The elders will come.... We haven't won the war... Not yet."
"Exactly." A man stabbed the rogue helping the soilders with their wounds, he took off his armour one by one, three humongous werewolves of 12 feet encircling him.... walking with him.

"But we aren't here to fight. King Valium was an unjust ruler. We just came to say we are happy that you won....." Zion and Lucien standing infront of Medusa unaware of her state relaxed a little.
The elders entered the circle of warriors. Elder Baldwin stood infront of the slightly swaying rogue princess.
"But not for long." Taking out his dagger and before anyone could blink it was on Medusa's stomach just a centimeter away as he bared his canines, sneering at Medusa.

"NOOO!" Zion roared but Baldwin had already stopped, his eyes widening as the dagger dropped from his hands without any restraint.
The man spluttered blood from his mouth looking down near his chest, a hand had pierced his back, crushing his ribcage with the immense force, tearing open the body and holding his still beating heart in the palm.
The palm crushed the heart as blood dribbled down and was withdrawn across his body once again as the Elder collapsed on the ground with a gaping hole in his chest.

Breaking of bones resonated throughout as wolf stood in middle of the three elders. He wasn't a werewolf now.....a full blooded hellhound. The Lycan was even bigger than before standing at 20 feet, lush black as he growled, tremors shaking the earth crust.

His paws stomped on the ground with brutal force making a large crack crawl like a serpent, creating a  seperation between Medusa and the elders.
He didn't even gave them time to prepare. His tongue loling out as he licked his indents. Sneering his claws wrapped around one wolf's neck picking him up like a pup, biting in his neck he ripped the wolf apart in pieces, throwing his bloodied organs on the ground.

The other two wolves moving back with fright froze as he locked his cerulean irises with them.
The hellhound circled them wanting them to run away, as soon as one tried bolting he held both wolves with their tails snapping in his teen, tearing off their bodies and threw then near the rogue princess feet who watched the scene unfold with tears in her eyes.

The dead matebond blossoming again in her chest, blooming like a wilted rose, it breathed life in her lungs as the two elders crashed on the ground whimpering.
The Lycan raised his claws, his cyan locking into the eyes of his princess as blood painted the earth when he dug his sharp indents in their fur killing them.

He bones snapped again as he transformed back into his human form, his stature built than before, muscles ripped and face glowing like sun, his hair had grown glossier, black silky strands falling on his forehead.
"Moon" His voice made the army stiffen before they comprehend his words.
The god to kill the elders looked into the lavender eyes of the dizzy princess with his burning aurum irises.
He took two long strides pulling Medusa into his chest as she collapsed into his arm.

"Rhysand!" she wailed. Gasps echoed and murmurs erupted thinking he was a ghost or a demon resurrected.
Resurrected yes...but not a demon he was now a full blood hellhound. King Father Hades had rewarded him his life for all Rhysand had passed all obstacles for his Medusa.

"DISPERSE" He roared again making the army march hurriedly back into the forest grounds leaving the couple alone.
Gaelic clutched the almost dead princess in his strong grip.

"I am going to die soon and I am going to come to you in real, no more painful dreams, I am so exhausted Rhy."
His eyes glossed like crystal fire as he pulled her even closer not even bothering to look at the his brother Lucien and Zion's ecstatic faces who too left the couple alone for some time.

He pulled a little away observing her face, his Medi had lost weight, she looked utterly exhausted and defeated.
Lost.....dark purple bags under her eyes as she was just waiting for death to come. He did that to her, the pain in his heart clenched him in it's unforgiving grip.

"I am back babygirl, it's no dream princess- MEDUSA!"

His heart rate spiked as she had fell unconscious in his arms.
"I will repent the rest of my life for what I am going to do but I just got you back princess and I am not letting you go." His throat constricted...he was a sinner, he broke her heart and now what he was going to do...marking her when she was unconscious...he would suffer hell for it.

He picked her lighter body up, bridal style clutching her close to the warmth of his chest taking her to the empty cave.
Nobody dared bothered the reuniting lovers as he laid her down on his chest.
His canines elongating, as he parted her white hair to a side piercing her beautiful creamy skin near the shoulder as he marked her. Her unconscious body jerked furiously now fully aware of the rejuvinated mate bond.
She was going to live.
Did you all seriously thought I will kill Rhy?

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