By EraRexon
Date: October 21, 2020
Ch. 19moon


Dear Rhysand,
I have been in love with you from the second I set my eyes on you. With you I have learned things, I had grown...we had grown together.
You taught me the meaning of home and it was only you who made me feel like the most cherished woman in the world.
You must be thinking that I was a fool to leave my home in the cottage with my father. No, there were riots spreading like venom, houses were scavenged to search for the lilac eyed girl, if I hadn't come to the forest they would have found me.

Again I had wondered then why did you leave me, if you wanted me to be defeated you would have surrendered me to the soilders, given me a chance to fight but instead you gave me peace, sending me far away from the King, you endured the tortures yourself so I could remain safe.
If I would have asked for a better mate Rhysand, I would have actually gotten none because there is no better than you, there couldn't be.

You have always fulfilled your duty, now it's time I take a step towards mine. The King wants me Rhy and he wouldn't stop until he has me....I am going to the him.
I know what he has done, yesterday Celeste had told me everything he was capable of and I know what I am getting myself into. Have faith in me Rhy, I swear to you, I will defeat him.
I had always wanted pups with you, desired a happy loving life but not in the shade of evil, with any uncertainties and dread looming over us.
You cannot come after me, the King would know, you need to go to the elders as you said, do what is required. I don't know who they are and what they want. It's only you who could overpower them Rhy and it's only you who could succeed the throne.
I know it means nothing to you, the throne, the riches they are all dirt for you but for some people, you being Alpha King would change their their world.
Its my promise to you and Gaelic that I will come back to you, all safe and sound. I had taken a vow to destroy the entire lineage of the person who had scarred my mate...I am going to fulfil my oath.
I will self surrender in the Werewolf capital and I promise no one would touch me even. I know it isn't fair Rhy but when has life been ever fair to us...Never.
I love you more than anything else Rhysand and I am proud of you, please remember that.
Your Medusa


A thunderous growl awakened the entire sleeping forest. Celeste and Lucien woke up abruptly with Lucien clutching his mate sensing danger.

"MEDUSA!" Pure rage radiated from the voice making the frightened couple get up hurriedly to find the lavender eyed princess Rhysand was roaring the name of.

The moon appeared hazy in the cobalt sky of the dawn. Animals fled to their shelters seeking comfort from the predatory aura filling the atmosphere.
Rhysand was standing in the middle of the living room making the place seemingly shrink in size, his hair messy from sleep and chest heaving heavily. His hands were clutching a yellow piece of parchment with the insignia of Medusa making Lucien's eyes widen.

Rhysand lips parted, aurum irises zeroing on Lucien.
"She left me." The yellow paper fell down from his grasp onto the earth, Rhysand's angry facade breaking like shrads of glass.

"She is gone." He took a sharp intake of breath finally his mind accepting the absence of her, his knees buckled making him fall to the ground on them, he grasped his hair tightly unable to understand a thing.
"It was her destiny Rhy-"
"I DONT FUCKING CARE!" he snarled glaring at Lucien with a heartbreaking expression.
"My Medusa is not a damn bait. You are ready to use her as a escape-goat but I am not. "
His golden eyes were carnal... wild, sanity slipping slowly. He got up from his knees, his eyes unfocused and confused as he stumbled to gather his weapons.
"She is going to be fine, I am going to get her."
"She is well, there is nothing bad going to happen."
A tear trailed down Celeste's cheek followed by others as she realized Rhysand was far from consolable. He wasn't listening to a word they said not even bothering to look at them. She looked at Lucien who stared at his brother with utmost sympathy.
Rhysand strolled the place reaching the door in four long strides and threw it open only to see an old woman standing infront of him outside the house, her fist raised to knock the door.
Her clothes were layered, green sleeves covering her frail arms indicated that she might be a wanderer passerby but the way her aquamarine blue eyes lightened with mirth suggested otherwise.
It was almost odd for anyone to come so late at their house, the sun hasn't risen yet. Also nobody usually ventured into this deep side of the was strange. Celeste felt goosebumps rising on her pale skin.
Rhysand tried rounding off the woman to go into the forest but her voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Searching for somebody?" And now she sure have attracted the attention of the angry Lycan.
" Yes" he whispered searching her eyes, his posture rigid and cautious.
"So am I...." She released a sad smile.
"And I am certain that I found them."

His fists clenched thinking that she might be one of the spies of King Valium. ""
"I will tell you who I am Rhysand, first tell me who you are?" The couple at the door watched incredulously as the scene unfolded infront of them.

"How do you know my name?" His tone was calm, ironically too quite to be soothing, it was like poison was dripping slowly.

"I know you since your birth, the question is, do you?" She took out a dagger making Celeste gasp.
"H-How did you?" She rushed out towards the woman, examining the weapon in her fragile fingers.
"Athelia" she whispered looking into the woman's eyes her own eyes widening. Rhysand looked into the eyes of woman exhaling softly with relief.

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