By EraRexon
Date: October 21, 2020
Ch. 18Enchatress

The King of Rogues was restless, he could feel deep inside his heart the  onoming of a catastrophe.
Two months have passed since he had last seen his daughter. Every soilder he could gather were on the mission to search for her or her mate Rhysand for whom Zion could feel nothing but resentment.
He had united an army half the size of his previous one destroyed by the royal wolves. All the operations carried out to search for his Lilac eyed pup were hushed and quiet not trying to attract any attention due to her posters littering every street and corner.
People were searching her like scavengers to get the price of giving any information relevant to her and he had offered the a greater amount if they could just tell where his child has gone.
The wooden cottage Medusa and him were residing in previously now haunted him. This was how she must have felt when he left her behind, being nothing but a ghost in her life, ignoring her...not talking care of his only child.
Zion felt deep hatred towards himself, he could not understand how come he became so blind to not see her happiness. He accumulated wealth for her but all she was asking for was him and now she was gone... slipped like beautiful grainy sand from his mighty fists.
He felt like a fool and regretted his each and every decision. He was going to search the town once again when a soilder ran inside the cottage throwing the door open roughly without knocking.
"How dare-"
"We found her my lord, she is gone to the palace to surrender."
Medusa walked silently on the road surrounded by lush greenery, flowers bloomed in the garden just like vengeance bloomed inside her heart igniting her veins.
The navy blue cloak with silver embroidery covered her silky long hair which would have flown like honey if set free in such wind. Rhysand loved her long hairs, though he was biased...he loved everything concerned with her.
He cherished her and the though of breaking his heart with what she had done made an uncontrollable ache appear in her chest. It had been some hours and she already missed him.
Her lavender eyes shadowed by the silky material of the hoodie only left a part of her nose and plump cheery lips visible. They ached for kissing him but her posture became rigid on noticing where she was.
She had reached her destination.
Guards were standing on each side of the path she was walking forward to, their pure white uniforms indicated their dedication to the nation of werewolves, Medusa wondered how many times those uniforms had to be washed to rinse off scarlett blood of the innocents.
One soldier motioned his hand swiftly, obstructing her path.
"What do you want?" His build matched his voice, rough and unmerciful. He just didn't know.
Death came knocking on their gates in all her enchanting beauty.
Her dainty fingers gracefully unveiled her face, lavender gaze clashing with the surprised brown ones, not so confident anymore.
"Take me to the king."
"My lord" she bowed gracefully, her voice melodious. The way innocence radiated off the girl standing infront of King Valium made him want to pinch himself to confirm it was reality.
"Come closer" She stared at him with her big eyes nodding gently. She stopped at the bottom of the staircase leading to the throne.
"Please come up." He couldn't believe he was saying please to a girl he was just going to fuck and dispose till midnight but no he was going to enjoy her more than just midnight.
She looked like a dream. His surprise had no bounds when the goddess walked inside the throne-room timidly seemingly afraid of her own shadow while he was sitting on his throne with a map indicating the place Rhysand was last seen.
The painting was absolutely unjust, potraying her as a warrior and commander. Must have been to keep men away. The beauty infront of him seemed to be too shy and naive to even pick up the sword must less using it.
"What a surprise princess we were searching for you all over." And just like that tears filled her radiant eyes. She came closer to Valium clutching his hand.
"He put me into dungeons, he is a monster. I tried to reach for my father but he killed him too. You are my only hope my king. I ran to you as fast as I could." And she might have because small cuts adorned her hands all over maybe by thorny bushes......or done deliberately.
Valium wanted to touch her, smell her and fuck her, before his other arm could even touch her the rogue princess stepped back.
"Whom are you talking about? You don't need to be afraid of anyone Medusa I will protect you."
Soon he would need protection.. from her. Medusa wanted to laugh.
"Rhysand" Valium stiffened, his eyes narrowing in rage when she whispered his name.
"What did he do?"
"He knows about the boon...." She cried in her palms covering her face.Valium stood up confused slightly.
"... He wanted to defeat you and take your place, he knew about the blessing of moon goddess upon me. If I accept him as my husband with heart and marry him he would have all my powers to himself and would become invincible. I refused to comply to him so he kept me locked.
Please save me my King."

The war was as the footsteps dressed as the seductress. The woman who had never used beauty as a weapon disregarded the purity of her grace and used it as a lethal weapon. a touch and the King would be addicted.

the thing about addiction is that it is sweeter than any other thing in the world but the real taste after touching the soul is complete darkness. Vengeance was laid behind this facade and Vengeance was what would be served.

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