By EraRexon
Date: April 26, 2021
Ch. 42Bonus

4 years ago
Before the time of Death
The irony of life is that the time we spend when living is in the thoughts of future and greed. The very soul becomes unimportant, the universe that gave birth becomes a thought of fantasy but the person on deathbed remembers everything precisely and the meaning becomes clearer than ever.
He struggled under the clutches of the girl who pushed his head deeper, pulling his head out using the locks of hair, ripping them apart she was so brutal as if possessed......as if the hatred brewing inside for so many years came to life.
But she didn't kill him, she pulled his head above water over and over making him believe that he had the hope of living.....hope- a feeling of melancholy surrounded the man who was soon going to die and thus he at last accepted his defeat.
Did Atlanta felt the same pain when he killed her? he thought in his last moments, did she too felt the exact same betrayal that he was feeling at that moment.
Even though he never walked on the path of good but even a monster sees truth at last.
His closed eyes, slightly drooping body on the verge of collapsing made a roll of pictures display before him.
"I will be yours...I trust you, I only belong to you." A girl made up of aurum sun rays as if the woven threads of gold have replaced her hair smiled up at him so beautifully as if a celestial nymph had came down herself.....he was eighteen at that time but for once he felt such power.....such pleasure that those innocent eyes saw nothing but the very good in him. She put him up in a pedestal and worshipped him.
He could see in those cerulean eyes that her each word spoken was from the depth of her heart and he was for once astonished, surprised when he felt flowers blossoming in the pit of his dark ink heart.
That Karma was so soft, as if a single wave of wind could blow her sand castle like dreams, so pure as if the cruelty of word never touched her. The women returned to him, everytime he casted them aside they did......but then why didn't she?
When did her love, such soulful warmth turned into the hatred so deep that she was killing him with such joy. What happened to her?
What happened to him?
How was he so blind to not see the strength of the woman, the frosty tundra eyes glazing at him with the disgust so deep that it seeped to his bones when he saw her the last time leaving her city, the people, everything behind......that one look and the smile she gave him....it was an oath of revenge.
A vow to turn his empire to ashes.
It was the Ruination of him.
He was raged that day when Atlanta told Karma about his true face, he knew who he was but how come he can let her see his true self when he knows that she worshipped the ground he walked on.
Taking her virginity...he thought to bind her to his life, once she was pregnant she would never escape him and the first night he had roughly taken her.....it was all Atlanta's anger that he poured on Karma......but she wasn't supposed to leave.
Wasn't supposed to leave him behind.
Wasn't supposed to move on
With time the image of her was forgotten but then she made her presence known again, this time when he saw her...she was with that damned bastard.
And it displeased him, Karma was supposed to be his...all pure and innocent like she always was, clinging onto him for support but the woman who greeted him that day, the woman who was bloodthirsty and killing him now......she had that forlorn glint in those cerulean irises he remembered but this time it wasn't for him, it was for the man sitting infront of her.
The man who plucked his eyes out, the man who ruined him and brought him like a cattle for slaughter infront of her.
And Alaric felt so much hatred.
Even when in love Karma never saw him the way she looked at Alistair, what was that? So much passion, anger and yet so much craving.
Where had he gone wrong, what did he didn't do to have her?
He killed Atlanta
Tried to coax Violet to bring her sister back
And at last brought Destiny who even after getting abused did not cooperated
And only then he was so insane to bring her to him, whatever wounds he inflicted on her was only his anger but he wished to have her.
To have those eyes look at him like she did to Alistair
He wanted to cage her inside a box so she could never escape him and when his anger would be lowered he would treat her good, say sorry for all that he did.
Wasn't that supposed to make it alright?
"Your death is my tribute to my friend, are you experiencing the pain of your each organ melting and burning with cold ice? Do you feel agony....Remember this pain, this was what you inflicted on Atlanta and I, Karma Develle was born to avenge her honor.
You will die Alaric and there would be none to collect your body
Your corpse will rot but nothing will give you peace for you will not be buried
Your soul will wander till eternity for it is tainted with your sins.
You shall die but you will never find solace
This is your Karma and this is retribution.
May the curse of a woman who had once lost her world strike your soul Alaric
May you die in vain with nothing left at your name.
This is my tribute to Atlanta"
And finally when his eyes closed, he knew he had lost everything.
A/n I thought to write this ago but now that I am going to start Cyborg soon, I though this was the correct time.
Love you all

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