By EraRexon
Date: October 11, 2020
Ch. 3diffrent ends of the world

                   2 months later
Time, the strongest string of uncertainty that moved lives like a puppet on show.
Karma's eyes were no longer the electrifying hues of cyan they used to be, murkiness and sadness whirling like a maelstrom sucked every ounce of energy she had.
The girl locked herself in her room sitting for hours in a chair, pouring herself in books..only those papers were her escape, even for an hour she forgot what had she lost.
They saved her, as long as she loved her books they never left her behind.
At first Geralt thought that it was a phase because she had been suspended but when her health started dwindling he sensed something was wrong.
Karma refused to talk to anyone. Violet tried as much as she could but even when the smaller girl smiled, she couldn't help but see how fake it was..Karma was slipping right through their fingers.
"I was a stupid girl falling for charms and appearances.
If only I had listened to Atlanta, if only I had paid heed to her warnings.
I was not even aware of the magnitude of results. Outcomes of the deeds I was commiting were always hidden from my shallow eyesight...or were they?"
The therapist gave her an encouraging smile.
"Maybe not, the small actions always indicated to my upcoming destiny but I was so blinded by love that the fine line between reality and dreams blurred.
I had sex with Alaric the very next day because I thought that would keep him to me, that would change him. That I would tame the beast."
She chuckled dryly no more tears left behind to cry or express greif, she felt numb.
"I couldn't stop crying when he threw me out of his house right after taking my virginity, he said that I knew it wasn't serious...ever, pathetic tears dribbling down my eyes were untamable.
I was barefoot walking down the streets in the afternoon sun, the heat burning me in the fire of vengeance when I saw police cars lining up by the side of the lake.
Wide Yellow paper stopped netizens from stepping inside the boundary of investigation but I sensed it...even before seeing it with my own eyes, I knew it.... something was weighing upon my soul.
I asked them about the incident that what had happened and they told me." A single tear left her eyes closely  followed by others.
"A girl had drowned.... Atlanta her id was there but I refused to believe, the only thing I was certain before all this was how i would apologize to her.
I had friends....the ones that never ever asked me if I was alright, a best friend who couldn't care less what I was doing and then there was she so selfless and kind.
She wanted to show me through all that she did that Alaric didn't cared about me, what was she of mine to worry so much? I wasn't her responsibility, she could have let me buried deep in my sins but she tried.
And there I was standing with her notebook and id by the lakeside waiting for them to take her deadbody out of the lake."
Karma sobbed, crying frantically, hiding her face in the palm of her hands.
"Everything....I lost my everything."

A orphan was standing admist of one of the most rugged areas of town. His father died due to an accident last month, mother followed closely behind due to her serious injuries of brain.
He had mourned till his throat was dry, heart prickling with the whirlpool of agony as he sat numb for days....but for how long.
He had a younger brother to feed. A house to run, a world to build. Earlier he had never taken a look, all smiles and passion to follow for boxing...it was a drug for him.
Thirty seven championships were at his name making him confident and giving him money, more than enough to keep it all together, all from fighting but today was the day he realized he had nothing and it was a childplay that he did in the name of fist fight.
The stadium was empty, not a single soul present in the arena. Artificial lights shone like diamond crystals in the air as the steel podium stood in calm silence.
Caramel irises like two precious zircon gems encrusted on a poison dipped arrow were closed in heavy concentration, his brows drawn in determination.
Iron fists shaking from a fight he just fought stopping their tremors but the blood dripping from knuckles continued to flow freely, dribbling like drops of red pearls ready to burn the velvety ground with his temper.
He lost.
Not by a punch neither by a kick...he lost because he wasn't given a single opportunity to attack by his opponent..he lost because he thought his love for boxing would miraculously make him win.
He had fought with boys....today, only today he had fought with a fighter, a real fighter.
Mother, father, passion, identity.....
He had lost his everything.
Because he took it for granted.
Because he took his love for granted.
"Never again." Alistair roared in rage.
The stadium shook with the impact of the crowd shouting at ear piercing volumes.
"THANTOS!" men cheered with their woman squealing and shouting in excitement.
They were in thousands, emptying their wallets with huge wide grins across their faces to catch a glimpse of him.
Only VVIP tickets were sold which were off in an hour of selling. People were crazy for Alistair but they couldn't even know his real name....Thantos, they called him that, the bringer of death.
His personality was a paradox and opening his pasts was like unleashing the chaos inside the pandora's box, the ones who got involved were removed from the history and terminated from the country before they could blink.
It was in light that he was a boxer. It was in dark that he was a millitary strategist for the country.
Enigma... Alistair Arsenal was something else.
"WE WANT OUR HERO!" People were getting restless...an hour, he kept them waiting for an hour but the curiosity in their hearts keep them glued to their seats.
Eight new fighters have been arranged, fighting as doubles in his place to keep the crowd entertained and sane for a while being.
"Here he comes!" Several women stopped breathing as the coaches of both teams arrived with the opponents on the contrary side of the ring.
It was Alistair vs Draven, the man he had lost at the first time fight in the same place, Draven was his inspiration and he respected him deeply.
Too bad there could be only one king in the empire.
Nothing came easy.... sweat, blood, peace... It was a sacrifical fire and he had surrendered his soul to it completely.
When everyone was sleeping, dreaming and worrying Alistair was sweating and practicing. He had climbed up the ranks of boxers, the levels as they called it. 
And yet they said he was made a billionaire over night with luck striking him at the right time, he wanted to laugh at that.....nine excruciating, brutal years of depraved sleep and hardwork were overnight for them.
He took off his robe, keeping his fists locked in the place, veins forming a maze on forearms. The golden elixar skin glistening in bright lights was ripped with sheer force and labour.
Several women had to clench their thighs, he was absolutely addictive and by God's grace so unaware of his effects on the opposite sex... sometimes on men too.
He breathed, blocking out as his coach's chanting words of encouragement, cocking his head to a side moving it another way relaxing completely.
Ordinary is extraordinary with the difference of will.
"Ladies and Gentlemen we have two beasts from the heart of Italy. Presenting to you Draven Stone and Thantos.
The prize for which people burn their lives but couldn't reach is awaiting you boxers!
The man winning this fight would be given the honours of being the President of the selection committee of Arkalos, not only shaping next generation fighers of the country but a whopping amount of ten millions dollars! And ofcourse the man left would be awarded eight million dollars for being the second best in the county.
And HERE it begins!"
Draven's green orbs clashed with furious zirconium irises as he took stance like his opponent, throwing a vicious punch at the man only for it to be blocked.
Alistair threw a series of fists at Draven's stomach making him groan and soon he returned the favour by attacking Alistair in rage.
Punch by punch not giving the twenty eight year billionaire time to retaliate.
Alistair defended himself clenching his jaw, waiting for Draven to get tired.
Whispering, hooting and shouting of crowd ceased as they watched the two men fighting like it was the game of their life in absolute silence.
Both men were panting, the trophy was just a moment away, they were equally good in stategic fistfights but the outcome was dependent on more than that...it was about wits and mistakes.
Draven stopped for a second moving back still in stance.
A mighty fist with all the determination left inside Alistair was  thrown at Draven's ribs knocked off all the air from his lungs, black spots covering his vision.
The man fainted with exhaustion followed by Alistair who rested on side ropes breathing heavily.
More powerful.
The winner realized he needed more strength and he was going to build it from scratch again.

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