By EraRexon
Date: November 7, 2020
Ch. 21kiss

She liked him, after along time of denying her heart she realized the more she tried to push him away the more her heart yearned for him. She wanted to kill him but at the same time wanted to ask him the reason because the heart was in denial.
Alistair was not Alaric, he would not betray her but if she was wrong...……..

That secret file was surely not everything, the secrets not too many and not enough to bring him to his knees when she wanted to but something was surely better than nothing and the woman celebrated in that context.
Dark blue wall which she sat against was illuminated with moonlight but else the entire room was immersed in darkness similar to her heart,her belongings were in disarray on the bed while her fingers were playing with the edge of a knife.
Although the woman was till now a ball of emotional mess but her brain still worked fine,luckily it would take a few moments for the alcohol to kick in.
Rustling of the leaves made her ears perk up but what followed was deafening silence, before anyone could blink a hand clutched her face and her knife flashed dangerously directed towards the zirconium eyes, the sharp blade just a centimeter away from the beautiful irises.
"Baby" If possible Karma's hold on the weapon tightened even further and she moved it from infront of his eyes to his throat.
"Don't you fucking call me that." she shrugged off his hands off her, making him leisurely take a seat beside her on the cold floor.
"This knife is a distraction, either kill me or move it away." Karma moved the weapon away throwing it against the nearest wall, where it embedded with a slash making Alistair nothing less than impressed.
"What is it? What had made you throw a tantrum again?' his eyes saw the file and he who had long made his mind to approach the situation calmly breathed deeply to exhale the fury developing inside him.

"If you needed to know something, you should talk to me instead of going to such lengths to extract petty secrets of mine." by now he was being completely ignored, the girl taking another gulp of the liquid watched the moon through the window with blurry eyes.

Alistair snatched the bottle making a few droplets dribble down her lips. She moved her head to look into his eye the addiction finally entering her system rendering her bold and emotional.
The moonlight shone on her features making them glow, pouty lips darkening to a shade of red due to the wine while the soft waves framed her doe like cyan eyes in the dark, yet the light inside them seemed to be sparling like the stars have made them their abode.

"None of you are different, all are same and you....you are the cruelest of them." Alistair had already stopped breathing watching her magnificence and innocence a possessive feeling covered his frost heart but as soon as some tears spilled down those crystal clear irises it was a war.

"What have a done little girl, why such words?" he asked softly, both his palm holding her face like a sacred lotus petal encasing the fragile dew drops of morning inside them. As he rested his forehead against her, the girl watched him with awe despite the tears making the rims of her eyes red.

A frail finger traced his jawline, watching the way those feral eyes glinted like chaos and peace both residing in an infinite abyss, he looked like he was a commander leading his warrior to a bloodbath, unreasonable yet fierce for victory but at the same time a protector for his loved ones.
Karma swayed trying to shift her position, Alistair held her waist as she guided herself to climb on his lap, the once clear blues frosting now with a cover of mist.

"You have used me, you betrayed my trust. You are a military general," She looked at him as her hands held his shoulders while he made her comfortable on his lap.
"Baby...." he sighed knowing she will forget all of this in morning and whatever he explains would go in vain but he could not stop himself from smoothing down her fluffered feathers.

"....yes I am a general but much before that I am qualified as a spy, I cannot go announcing my real identity to the world can I?, baby I did planned to tell you when you entered that department yourself, this relevation will only bring tremendous trouble to you nothing else.

Now you being at that place yourself..." he told her softly watching her observing himself with keen eyes.
".....will you tell your sister your designation?" Karma scratched her head making him almost coo at her adorableness, after thinking for a few moments the girl replied in denial.
Her palm smoothed over his left cheek." You are so handsom-e" a hiccup followed her statement making her mouth shut as she laid her head on his shoulders.

"hmm" he cherished the moments with her, his heart full with her in his arms, everything falling into the right place.

Salvation and Redemption
He felt that he had conquered the world.

"Will you kiss me?" the innocently asked question was followed by her soft body against his, her lips colliding with his before he could reply, the sweet taste of wine entwining with his masculine fragrance made her feel dizzy, the passion he answered with was more than what Karma bargained for, the way his biceps flexed when he held her tightly molding her into him.

fire danced on her lips as she felt lost, breathless yet refusing to take an ounce of air if it meant separating from him.

When Alistair pulled away making her head rest on his chest, his hands on her back stopping any movements of hers, the girl realized that she was grinding her core to his now hardened length.

Without a care in the world her eyes closed with a murmur sweet as honey escaping her lips.
"If you left me, I will kill you." Alistair sighed holding the girl bridal style to place her on the cotton cloud bed knowing that even in sleep it was not an empty threat.

It was good then, he did not planned to go anywhere else.

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