By EraRexon
Date: October 11, 2020

26 September 2016

"Have you heard, Alaric was with Elizabeth yesterday night. Liz told they had an amazing fuck session."
"Oh my god! Like casually? No strings attached?"
"Exactly...just like that."
Rumors.... they were plain rumors, all lies and fantasies woven together. I trusted Alaric, he loved me. He would never do that to me.
I had faith in him.
Blind Faith

Terror is not only the touch of a monster, true horror is the craving the essence of their skin rubbing against yours, igniting and burning and yet defying the truth that it wasn't love that he showed. No it was not a poetry that he wrote upon your skin. It wasn't a prayer that left his mouth blissfully when he touched that innocence of yours.
It was a sick play for him. A horrendous pleasure he got when he marked your skin red, ripping off your clothes, poison...his touch was venomous on your body and the venom would one day tear your soul apart.
No feeling was involved, neither kindness was bestowed nor a choice was given and yet the heart refused to believe that it was abuse.
Alaric hands grasped Karma's waist trailing upwards as his lips moved in dominance bruising her soft pink petals.
Behind the school in a secluded class which was abandoned due to left out construction work their bodies rubbed against each other feverishly. Arrays of classrooms which were cemented stormy gray hid them as his fingers wrapped around her blue top pulling it upwards.
"H-here? Alaric-"
"Shhh don't you love me?" he sucked a spot on her neck.
" I-Yes"
"Then trust me."
She did and nothing but a fool was she because only a fool could love him like she did.....blindly.
His fingers traced her breast through the cloth, rolling his fingers upon her nub. He discarded her top completely, letting it fall on the dirt beneath.
Just like she fell from her grace.
"Alaric" she moaned as he took off her bra, his mouth opening to mark the soft swells, tongue swirling around the soft nipple.
His hands groped her ass greedily as his mouth marked her skin red from hickeys and bruises.
"ALARIC!" A voice growled angrily from the doorway making the couple break away in haste. Alaric moved away from Karma as the sixteen year girl tried covering her modesty with her dainty arms.
The girl standing near the doorway glared at both of them. Her eyes filled with absolute disgust but malice was something she was untouched from.
"You, ugly little creature come here." Karma trembled as her body remain rooted in the spot seemingly frozen will the call of the beautiful lioness as she motioned her glaring furiously.
"Alaric I am giving you a choice, stay with her and I will report your activities or leave peacefully and I won't bother you."
Tears gathered in Karma's eyes in panic as Alaric stepped towards her.
"Sweetheart, I have to go."
"A-alaric but" she hiccuped tears streaming down her face unable to comprehend her horror.
"Please" she sobbed her voice almost gone.
"Shhh....remember I am doing this for you." Karma begged him through her crystal ocean eyes to not leave her like that...not so broken and half naked...not when she couldn't raise her head high with the overwhelming feeling of shame, not when she wanted to die but the echoing footsteps in the opposite direction told that he already left.
"Get dressed." The melodious voice of Atlanta drew her in just like Violet...soothing but something brewed in there.... absolute rage and underlying conspiracy. Karma hurried her hands and did the given task in seconds, her hands shaking with fear.
"I will make sure, you don't step a foot inside this school again. I won't let you return.
Atlanta clenched her jaw as soon as her beautiful red lips uttered those words and the next moment Karma was dragged to the principal's office.
"Miss Develle, what do you have to say about this?
Her body trembled furiously, beads of sweat droplets breaking their way though her skin, perspiring as she was unable to look into the crystal greens of Atlanta who stood beside her unwavering and strong clutching her scratched face, deep nail marks with dry blood on her neck which she had inflicted herself.
Tears cascaded down Karma's face as she shook her head.
"Did you hit Atlanta?"
"If you did not accepted that you hit me, I will disclose what were you doing in there with Alaric."
"I am sorry." her nails dug in the soft skin of her palm as the principal sighed.
"Unfortunately just sorry would not do Miss Develle Atlanta's mother and your father are informed. They must be arriving by now."
You both wait outside. Miss Myrina, I will call the nurse for you. The lioness gave a nod moving outside the office.
"Don't sell your soul, don't be blind. Do let it happen....your ruination...just like mine. I am going to cage you in a cell today so one day you can fly....untainted." a tear trailed down Atlanta's Jade irises as she walked away.
Strong gusts of chilling air swirled around the metal bench she was seated on.
The blue paint of the bench faded into almost off white with a thin layer of moss covering its side armsets, sparkling dew drops floating in air collecting around it.
Karma was suspended for a week taking notice of 'no bullying' policy of school. Rumors speared like forest fire of how 'vicious' the electric blue eyed girl could be.
Geralt believed that Karma was framed and asked her not only once but countless times to say the truth but the petite girl didn't budged knowing if Atlanta told everyone about her escapades, Gerald would be beyond furious.
She felt like a whore.
Karma refused to go home rather running away to the nearby park. Her small feet carrying her as far as she could go.
Away from the disappointed eyes of Geralt. She hated Atlanta. Her mind trying to digest the fact that not only the jade eyed lioness tried ruining her but completely stripped her of any dignity left behind.
Her friends would never talk to her again. She would be thrown into a dark world and she was terrified....she only had Alaric now..as long as he loved her, everything would be fine.
"Karma" Platinum blonde hair contrasting to golden hairs of karma was kissed by wind, flowing with breeze. Atlanta came running towards the girl stopping right infront of her panting harshly.
"Listen Karma ...."she chided as soon as she regained her breathing sitting beside the girl who didn't seem to meet her jade irises.
"I am not sorry for what I did" she puffed out.
Karma stayed quiet not knowing what to say as she fiddled her fingers together.
"Listen Karma, you aren't the first girl Alaric has destroyed, he is not what he appears to be."
"How dare you?"  Karma glared at the girl.
"Is it not enough? You trying to destroy my life? Now you wish to take away the one good thing I have." Karma stood up walking away.
"Listen to me stupid girl. I am warning you because I have seen the consequences of his actions-"  Atlanta followed her.
" Enough! Please just let me be." Karma ran away leaving behind everything that could have saved her life.

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