By EraRexon
Date: October 11, 2020

What is heartbreak? Is it an emotion, a phase just like an ocean rippling with waves trying to bestow it's wrath so to release some pain buried deep inside it's chest? Or is it a wound, a gash so deep of betrayal that it taints the whole being..... the very soul of the person.
The person for whom you would have walked on knives and ambers with high almighty flames engulfing your existence then turning into coal how does it feels when the very human twists the same knife in your back with a smiling unabashed face, looking straight into your broken eyes.... ruination... The very crushing of your soul is what true heartbreak is.
Years pass but the pain doesn't lessen, we just get used to the idea of the person being real and the idea with them.... a mistake and sometimes those people return to you with a small apology, untrue guilt and a facade of evolution because they haven't harmed your peace enough... yet.

Be aware darling.....the pain was yours but so was the strength that came along with it...like the part and parcel of anguish and agony wrapped in silk.
Don't forget who you are, the very women who rose from ashes. Don't let him burn your solace again, don't let him taint your innocence.....not again.

Your Warrior... him, the man you are waiting for little girl...are you ready for him, his divine touch?
He, the one drowning in his own sorrows, trying to be the better person....let him be free from his own shackles before finding you.

He will come little girl but the question is will you continue to fight your demons and emerge victorious or get defeated from them.

A conquer.. do you want to be the Queen or a damsel in distress whom he saves.
Save yourself my love because the man meant to rule beside you will be a king in all his might and just like in chess, the Queen strengthens the King but the pawn.....oh! the helpless little pawn is thrown out of the very game before it has begun


25 December 2016
There is always a tinge of darkness beneath the very oil lamp which radiates light...charcoal black ash down the glowing neon flames of a forest fire. Beauty is constantly haunted by a hideous part but the difference between them....our own eyes are the difference, the perspective is.
It was my fifteenth birthday, the day my two story villa was lavished like a king's manor, twinkling lights glowed in the huge garden underneath the starry night with stars sprinkled across the dusky sky.
Gifts wrapped with sparkling cards were kept on the round blue tables all covered with my favourite food.
My sister Violet was holding my hand guiding me through the crowd, some said she was a rebellious streak....always doing something adventurous and outrageous but I completely disagreed, maybe she wasn't the prettiest of them neither the smartest nor the most innocent one but rather a brave beauty, a queen it all it's regality.
After our mother passed and father took upon himself to bring up his two daughters on his own, it was Violet who became my shield.
When I chose sulking and crying, whimpering like a naive little girl at the smallest of things... Violet was my knight, if I was protected it was because of her and dad who handed me everything on a silver platter, I won't lie, they spoiled me and I considered myself the luckiest girl in the world.
The question was.... for how long?
Goodwishes were flowing with abundance, friends from school whispering kind words full of joy and admist of all that beauty my eyes fell upon the hidden hideousness....the most handsome boy my eyes had privilege of befalling upon, yet unknown to me the most ugly one from depth of his dirty heart.
"Come here Karma" Violet called me noticing I had stopped in my tracks staring at the brooding male a little longer than necessary.
My white gown flowed with me as I went near them hesitantly.
"Happy birthday sweetheart."
"Thankyou Alex" I whispered softly trying to contain the blush meant to overtake me. Alexanda hugged me tightly, the only friend friend of Violet I knew for all these years.
My sister was extremely protective, she hate me meeting her friends and I couldn't understand why, if she is friends with them didn't that meant that they were good people.
"Happy birthday Karma" my eyes snapped to the deep voice of the speaker. Dark blue irises stared right back at me intensely, plump lips lifted towards in a small smile.
"T-thankyou" I stuttered feeling jittery. It wasn't usually a habit of mine but what do you expect from a teenager.
"My name is Alaric sweetheart."
Sun rose and fell from it's grace, moon changed its shapes and with each passing day I watched him from afar but he caught me and his eyes, they never forgot to meet mine.
The snowflakes falling in gusts were replaced by flower petals falling from trees...winter welcomed spring and weather's changed just like that.
At first I thought it to be a mere attraction but I wasn't only that...he was in my mind with the dawn filled with chirping of birds to dusk of falling stars, his presence was in every song I heard, every tune I sang and every quote I read.
Admired, appreciated and worshipped in Cloverdale High, Alaric was far mature than me with girls throwing him hesitant looks of longing but the brushing of his hands against mine, his small smiles and calling me 'baby' in isolation gave me a hope that maybe....maybe he was mine.
Whenever I passed him in hallways his whole being engulfed my senses, a scent so intoxicating that it made me dizzy and my emotions haywire.
I placed him on a pedestal, a place so high in my heart that I couldn't even imagine my life without him, I kept my mouth sealed not telling my friends or family...it was supposed to be our little secret....only ours.
Knowing or unknowingly I craved him and soon found myself completely falling for him. Maybe the books were right, there was a boy out there who would take away all your worries, insecurities and pain away and shape you in the best possible way.
Maybe Violet worried unnecessarily about me being harmed, Alaric would always protect me.

"Do you promise?"
"I promise Karma, I will never hurt you." His hands pulled down my skirt.
"C-can we wait a bit longer."
"You don't even trust me." his eyes contain fury and he walked away angrily banging the door of the Janitor's closet.
"I am sorry" my eyes filled with unshed tears.

Mariah...my bestfriend had her suspicions but she didn't question me too much thinking that I was too innocent to be having a relationship with a boy legal and three years senior than me.
I had everything a girl could ever ask and pray for...a man who loved her...was loyal to her and friends who cared about her.
What could go wrong?

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