The Two of Hearts
By Marilyn Douglas
Date: June 3, 2019
Ch. 9Unraveling the Spider’s Web

Some of her blonde hair slicked to her face as sweat trickled down her forehead and every other place he touched. Head craned back as his fist gripped her hair, pulling her down onto his thick cock and he rammed into her with a vengeance. “Fuck me Charles,” Danica cried out and he increased his rhythm and the aggression in his thrusts, plowing his way to the bottom of her pussy.
This was a wet dream Danica had been having recently and it always left her hot, bothered and horny when she woke up. It felt as though her plan was incomplete-yes, Cassandra was now out of his mind, but it had taken a while for Charles to reach out to her. Danica saw no reason she shouldn’t fill the vacant slot and made herself ‘available’ for whenever he was ready to chat.
Finally he called her. Seeking the truth after Cassandra refused to answer his calls he was left with no option but to reach out to her best friend. He needed closure and tonight he would have it. He needed answers, he said. He wanted to know the truth, he said. He was confused, he said.
Needless to say she would provide all of that and more when he came over tonight meanwhile Danica needed to wash away the sweat from her lathered body and prepare for the night ahead. It seems dreams did come true after all
The hotel, if one could call it that, was roach infested, but after the eviction, twenty two bucks a night it was all she could afford. She had only a fifty left on the bank and the ATM would only give her forty out of that. This was definitely the roughest part of her life. Cassandra had hit rock bottom-there was nowhere else to go from here.

Charles had called her several times a day in the last three weeks, but she couldn’t face him. There was no possible way to explain why she had lied to him and she knew he deserved better than that.
One morning at the complimentary breakfast, Cassandra browsed through a day old paper to find an ad for cruise ship workers. The prospect of escaping the calamity she had created in her life promised piece of mind. No one was looking when she tore out the ad and wolfed down the remainder of her rubbery eggs. It was time for something new.
Satisfied that the day spent at the salon was successful, Danica admired her body in the mirror. A shiny new layer of skin had been exposed after the exfoliating body scrub had been rinsed away and the facial left her face glowing after the application of essential oils and herbs that promised youth and beauty.
It had been exactly four weeks since she began taking the supplements and administering the cream that the manufacturers said would make her curves appear in all the right places. For once the product did exactly what it was supposed to. Three inches had been added to her breasts and hips over the weeks and Danica felt like a new woman.
Lace undies were her selection for the night and she hoped Charles found them pleasing enough to admire but alluring enough to rip off. The very thought of his large hands removing her clothes made her intimate walls clench. This was going to be a good night.
Danica’s personal chef was instructed to make Charles’s favorite dish-Chicken Alfredo with extra basil along with black berry cheesecake. It was simply amazing what people added to their Facebook profiles. Admittedly Cassandra had also told her of his likes and dislikes… what better time than to use the information provided by her best friend than now? The smells of food permeated the apartment and made its way through her bedroom door as she slipped on the ankle length strapless summer dress. The coral colored garment fell fluidly to the floor while a thigh high split revealed newly waxed and tanned legs. The thong slippers on her feet were encrusted with glistening sawarski crystals and made no sound as she stepped back to admire her final ensemble.
Flicking her long hair once or twice satisfied her enough that she was indeed ready to meet her guest. A maid finishing last minute dusting announced she was through with her duties and Danica dismissed her with a wave of her hand. At exactly eight o clock Charles’s presence was announced by Richard the butler and Danica dramatically glided into the room gushing with apologies for keeping him waiting for all of thirty seconds.
Charles didn’t look too good. His blonde hair was no longer shiny and his face was shrouded with pain and fear. Forcing a smile, he hugged Danica tightly for a second, but when he released she still hung on, lingering around his neck.
Massaging his shoulders, she lied, “You look good Charles. We just need to add a smile to that face and you will be back to your old self in no time. Leading him over to the couch for a pre dinner glass of wine, she asked about his day and tried to fix the collar of his button down Oxford shirt. He answered while staring into the bottom of his glass and Danica knew he was only present physically.
The chef entered the sitting room and announced dinner was about to be served. Holding Charles’s hand and leaning on his shoulder, Danica walked him to the dining room table where the hot delicious plates waited to be devoured.
It was after his second bite that Charles bared his soul. “I thought she loved me… why would Cassandra disappear without explaining herself to me? You are her best friend… I am sure you have the answer.”
Like the snake she was, Danica tried to slither her way into Charles’s heart with her one sided story. It was a good thing Cassandra wasn’t here to defend herself it wouldn’t matter anyway-she had already proven herself a deceptive liar.
“Well,” she crooned, “I tried to make her tell you, I really did… she was broke you know… when she met you she was literally on her last legs but when you came along she saw gold. The plan the whole time was to trap you and use your money to dig herself out of the hole.”
Charles sat there with his mouth slightly agape as Danica paused to sip her wine. This couldn’t be true. There was no way the sweet girl who had shared his bed had plotted against him. This was worse than he thought.
Satisfied that the dramatic pause was enough to get his juices flowing. He now leaned back in his chair, focusing all his attention on her words.
“She pretended to live here and every time you picked her up I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t. How could I betray my best friend? I was caught between a rock and a hard place and the more I got to know you the more I was convinced that it was wrong.”

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