The Two of Hearts
By Marilyn Douglas
Date: May 20, 2019
Ch. 7The Genesis of Revelation

Several weeks passed and Cassandra tried hard to keep up her façade of happiness when she was around Charles. Their little art gallery had grown to three pictures by now. The first of their lovemaking and the second only last week when they exchanged their first ‘I love you.’ Another was added last night when she met his sister for the first time. She wasn’t as warm and friendly as Charles but she was pleasant enough to entertain Cassandra for a few hours.
Depression always hit her the hardest when she arrived back in her neighborhood, usually the following day after pretending she lived in the penthouse. The bills had backed up from before she lost her job and now the power and water companies were threatening disconnection for nonpayment of bills.
Sighing and shaking her head as she walked through the door of her place, reading the latest red letter, Cassandra knew the next catastrophe would come when the landlord came around in a few days. She was still working on an adequate story to tell him.
As though hearing her prayers for some kind of reprieve, the phone rang and Cassandra dragged it from its cradle. It was Danica and finally she had some good news.
“Hey Cassandra, I’ve got something for you to consider. Tomorrow night there will be an event at one of my dad’s hotels on the other side of the city. I overheard the planner saying they could use extra hands in the serving area. I am sure it could lead to something permanent. What do you say?”
“Wow Danica that’s good looking out. I am more than interested. Can you send me the details?”
“Certainly Hun, it’s the least I could do in this tough time. It’s nothing.”
“You have no idea how much this means to me.”
“No need to thank me Cassandra… this is what friends do.”
Smiling from ear to ear as she hung up the phone, Cassandra flopped back into her couch, breathing in the temporary air the little money would bring. Before she could close her eyes, the phone rang again- her cell phone this time, but this call would throw her back into depression.
“Hey beautiful,” Charles’s smooth, clear voice crooned over the airwaves, “I hope you are free tomorrow night, my sister told my mom and dad how great you are and I have decided it’s time for you to meet them. There will be a cocktail party tomorrow for one of my charities and I would love it if you can accompany me.”
Silence followed his question because Cassandra couldn’t think of what to say. Finally, her voice worked as she replied as genuinely as possible, “Awwww Charles… this is a shocker… are you sure you want your parents to meet me?”
“Yes Cassandra, I love you and I want you to be a permanent fixture in my life. It’s time to take this relationship to another level.”
“Well, if you are comfortable with it, then I will certainly try to clear my schedule to accompany you. Can I call you back to later to confirm?”
“That’s ok with me Hun. We will chat later… love you”
“Love you too Charles.”
Great… just great Cassandra thought. Finally a chance to make a little money and Charles wants her to meet his parents. Why did it seem like bad fortune followed her where ever she went? Rubbing her temples as she tried to make a choice, Cassandra felt as though she was always faced with a hard decision and she was tired of it. Not to mention the pressure of maintaining her false personality. She was exhausted.


Tomorrow night would be the night for Danica’s plan to hit into high gear. She knew People against Poverty would be having their annual charity event and what better stage for a deceptive primadonna to be exposed to the world for the lies she told.
Why would Cassandra think she deserved this tall, handsome rich man? He understood class refinement and wealth-none of which in Cassandra had. But of course, this was only Danica’s opinion.
Tomorrow she would watch from her quiet corner as Charles discovered what Cassandra really did for a living and of course she would be there to comfort him like a good friend should. This was going to be more epic than the last movie blockbuster.
Cassandra had contacted the event planner and given instructions on the time she needed to arrive and the general procedure for the night. A woman in a tight spot wouldn’t say no to money no matter how prideful she was-it was a matter of desperation. Sipping her wine and imagining the look of shock on Charles’s face when he saw the love of his life dressed in black and white pleased Danica immensely. The hours before tomorrow couldn’t move along fast enough.


Charles was disappointed as she knew he would be but Cassandra had no choice. The two hundred bucks the job paid would put a little food in her cupboard and at least pay the water bill. A plan of action was still being arranged for the other bills.
He didn’t understand why she couldn’t get out of yet another ‘meeting’. Tonight was important to him and he would have liked just a little sacrifice on her part. Saying no to him was one of the most difficult things she had ever done, but it couldn’t be helped-not this time.
Because he was a gentleman he didn’t shout or argue with her choice, he simply bade her good day and hung up the phone. On the other end, Cassandra struggled with the decision to tell him the truth, but in the end her cowardice showed and she decided against it. It was a tough choice.
As six pm rolled around and Cassandra began to dress in her black slacks and crisp white shirt, she realized her black flats were still at the penthouse. With no other appropriate foot ware, she knew she would have to visit the penthouse. Due to arrive at Hotel Nautica for eight thirty, she knew that she had more than enough time.
Stanley was there in his usual post. He was working a double shift because his grandson was due to go to college, but the money wasn’t there. He was helping in every way he could. Listening to him reminded her of her dad. He too was caring and dedicated to his family.

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