The Two of Hearts
By Marilyn Douglas
Date: May 6, 2019
Ch. 5Artistic Interpretation

Charles had always been mesmerized by the form of a woman and Cassandra’s was particularly captivating. She was sexy, but didn’t seem to know it. Her eyes always seemed to pry into your soul and her lips always seemed to invite you to taste their sweet honey. Charles became aware of the heat emanating from his groin and the stiffening member making its presence known in his pants. When Cassandra sat with her legs crossed and breasts tilted upward, his lust became almost uncontrollable.
Clearing his throat and selecting his charcoal, Charles instructed her to lie back on the couch and relax while looking directly at him. An unseen hand turned on a sound system and the room was quickly filled with light Jazz. Charles knew how to woo a woman and she was quickly melting under the heat of his gaze.
Long strokes for her endless legs and short ones for her beautiful face emerged on the canvas and soon the outline of his masterpiece was complete. As he began to shade, focusing on the dark shadow that represented the crevice between her legs, the throbbing below his waist increased, Cassandra noticed it.
Head tossed back and hair spilling over the side of the couch, she smiled as the bulge in Charles’s pants grew more prominent and from his perch on the little stool, it protruded even more. Slipping off the couch without a word, Cassandra approached him and his drawing hand slowed to a stop.
Tonight she decided to be bold. As thoughts of this beautiful beginning turned into a nasty ending in her mind, Cassandra knew it would be best to be with him at least once before her glass façade shattered into tiny pieces. Kissing and touching had been all they did before, but now she wanted to give herself to him. She wanted to experience all of him.
Reaching out her hand to trace the light blond hair growing on his forearm, Cassandra caressed the muscles and teased the veins laying there. Staring deep into the eyes of the man she was convinced she loved, Cassandra positioned herself between his legs where the head of his now hard dick rubbed her naked thigh. His hiss of inhaled air let her know her touch was effective.
Splaying her hands on Charles chest, she measured the expanse of his brawn and the texture of his skin through the linen shirt. “Is this the way you plan to be a good muse?” Charles asked? But Cassandra said nothing in response. Instead, she chose to lean in and taste the soft skin on his neck. Goose pimples appeared on every spot she kissed and soon the charcoal was discarded and Charles’s large hands cupped her ample ass, pulling her closer to his hardening cock.
Nimble hands worked to remove release the buttons separating Cassandra from touching him and exploring even more. When he was freed of the confines of fabric, the passion and intensity in the room rose to a new level. Without waiting on her, Charles unbuckled his belt, revealing silk boxers and a stiff shaft waiting for attention only she could give.
Pulling his jeans to his ankles while Charles sat on the stool, Cassandra hurried to return to the hard shaft making its presence known. The silk of the underwear made for an erotic addition and as she slipped her fingers between the fabric and his skin, Charles held his breath.
Cassandra’s fingers searched for a second before finding her glorious treasure. The head of Charles cock was already taut from his lustful thoughts and as her fingers passed over the slick head, an undecipherable exclamation of ecstasy left his now dry lips as he panted and heaved his chest.
It took only a few seconds for Cassandra to reveal the entire length and girth of the cock she so eagerly awaited to caress. Falling to her knees, Cassandra brought the mushroom head close to her lips, allowing her breath to warm the already hot throbbing rod.
“Oh my God Cassandra you are killing me.”Charles muttered while tossing his head in the anguish of anticipation. Thoughts of her swallowing the length of his cock produced the tiniest drop of precum from the small slit in the pink head and Cassandra finally helped him to draw breath as her tongue licked the delicious clear liquid.
His body shook as he stared at her torturous mouth closing over the head of his cock. Slowly and deliberately Cassandra suckled on Charles’s dick taking it into her wet mouth an inch at a time. Like his tall frame, his cock held an impressive length and the thickness spread her lips in a way that teased her imagination with thoughts of how he could fill the now wet chasm between her legs.
The thought made her salivate, lubricating the shaft, she slid expertly in and out of her mouth. Tightening the vacuum of her lips around his cock, Cassandra quickened her pace and the sounds of pleasure filled the room. Charles was rendered speechless as he watched his dick disappear in and out of her full lips. The sound of moisture slicking over his flesh brought him to a point of hardness like he had never experienced before and it took extreme self control not to explode in her mouth.
Entangling his long fingers in her raven hair, he pulled her face toward his waist, forcing himself deeper and deeper in her throat. It didn’t take long before the orgasm began to creep from all his appendages and race toward his cock. Charles caught the eruption seconds before his lava exploded into her wicked mouth and he used her hair to extract his cock from her vacuum sealed suction.
“You are torturing me Cassandra. Was your goal to make me cum before I had a chance to pleasure you in return?”
It was a rhetorical question that needed no answer from the vixen with a smile spread across her face now wet from saliva and precum. Helping her up from her squatting position, Charles then freed his feet from his shoes and his legs of the jeans in his way. Fully naked Charles lifted Cassandra by the waist and deposited her on the small stool.
With the assured movements of an experienced lover, Charles slipped her lace panties down from her hips and spread her legs forcing her to balance on her hands precariously. Wasting no time, Charles ran his tongue over the plump shaven mound and lips displayed before him. Gripping her by the ankles, he spayed her pussy even wider, allowing his probing tongue to find her hidden clit.
Cassandra’s body shook when he found it and he licked intently causing her to tremble. Moans of ecstasy left her lips and circled the room encouraging Charles to eat ravenously. A rivulet of translucent cream ran from her passage and made its way down her inner thigh before Charles caught it on the tip of his tongue.
“Charles, I can’t take this anymore… Oh my God Charles...” Her pitch increased when his curious tongue entered her dripping passage. Her balance began to shift and Cassandra knew she would fall if he insisted on eating her this way. His lips smacked as her juices slicked his tongue hardening his rigid cock as he devoured her pussy. Feeling her body quake encouraged him to invade her more aggressively, but when she looked like she was ready to pass out he knew it was time for their bodies to be joined in a whole other way.
Rising to his full six foot seven inches, Charles stepped forward and wrapped her legs around his waist before hoisting her into his arms where she held on despite the tremors still rocking her body. Spinning on his heels, Charles took her place on the stool and held the wet opening of her pussy just above the head of his shaft.
With one hand he guided his ramrod hard cock just to the entrance and let it hover there for a moment. Not being able to take the torture of waiting any longer, Cassandra forced down her hips and was soon impaled by Charles’s cock. Like a person in the desert finding long sought after water, they both sighed and stayed still for a moment, enjoying the age old carnal connection of man and woman.
Bowing her head, Cassandra covered his lips with a lingering kiss, tasting her juices on his lips and tongue as she clenched the walls of her pussy around the shaft embedded deep inside her. That made Charles release the lock of their lips and gasp for air.
This was a new feeling. He had no idea if it was a special trick or not, but never before had he been with anyone who was able to grip the shaft of his cock as though squeezing it in their hands. It was intoxicating. Using his strength and all his will power, he began to raise her ass and lower it again each time penetrating deeper. Moving his hips slowly, Charles thrust into Cassandra burying his cock in the confines of her pussy over and over coaxing her juices to flow more freely. Marveling at the small rivulets running down his cock every time he withdrew, toyed with his brain and made him pummel into her even more venomously.
Both Cassandra and Charles became transfixed as they sound of their thighs connecting travelled the room, leaving them entranced by their own lovemaking. Her breasts bounced on Charles upward thrust and every time they rubbed against the smooth hairs on his chest it sent a shocking sensation straight to her already wet pussy causing it to clench even tighter.
They felt it at the same time-the creeping sensation of an orgasm climbing from the center of their beings and making its way to the pleasure seat. Her moans were high pitched and desperate while his were deep and guttural. The volume of their mating sounds reached levels that were almost profane while the white hot heat of passion exploded into one combined cry of release.
Cassandra collapsed into his chest panting from the experience of climax while being ever aware of Charles’s throbbing cock still inside her and he struggled to stay lucid enough not to drop her as the waves of orgasmic avalanche overtook his body.
As they recovered, Charles let her down to her feet while he struggled to maintain his balance. Walking over to the couch where they would enjoy a glass of wine and each other’s body more, Charles couldn’t help thinking what a marvelous painting they made.

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