The Two of Hearts
By Marilyn Douglas
Date: April 22, 2019
Ch. 3Tapestry of Lies

“I have decided to forgive you Cassandra. I know you didn’t mean to offend me in anyway. You are smart enough not to betray me so I no longer question that. I suggest we move forward with the plans to get your your man. Ignore the letter and move on. You can come over when you are ready to get dressed.”
Breathing a sigh of relief before hanging up the phone, Cassandra expressed her gratitude to her friend and prepared to leave the house on the corner behind to take up her ‘other residence’ at Hotel Venice. The massive building sat squarely in the middle of an exclusive strip containing other impressive hotels, Spas and other places rich people thought were exclusively for them to enjoy.
The doorman, Stanley, had been there for most of his adult life and knew both Samuel and Cassandra. He never neglected to ask her how she was doing or to give her well wishes unless she was with Danica who was notoriously dismissive of staff. Both Cassandra and Stanley understood the dynamic and never forgot their roles. Cassandra would simply send him a wink if she happened to be with the woman whose father owned the building.
Tonight they chatted a bit before she disappeared through the reflective glass door separating the rich from the world. Drifting past the lobby and making her way to the elevator, Cassandra imagined what it would be like to be in Charles’s arms again tonight. He was taller than most men she had seen and she felt protected in his presence. His Strawberry blonde hair flopped over his forehead before tapering at his ears and neck. Charles’s eyes were violet and rare, a charteristic Cassandra found hauntingly attractive especially when he gazed directly at her.
He was quietly rebellious and she loved it. Amid his wealth and material gain he was a man deeply passionate about his charities and his service to the underprivileged. He was a good man. He smelled good and he tasted even better. His lips pouted in a way that made him irresistible and when he kissed her, she was lost in time and space. Cassandra felt the space between her legs become damp as her mind wandered and she wished eight pm would get here sooner.
Focusing on her eyes on the pristinely kept stainless steel of the elevator doors, she decided that regardless of the guilt she felt over the fibs she told, that she would keep up the façade as long as possible. Nothing good had happened to her in years and she wanted to feel like a queen even if it meant her reign would be short.
Danica rolled her eyes and glanced at her Rolex repeatedly as Cassandra tried on dress after dress and staring at her naked round ass was beginning to work on her last nerve. Cassandra was heavier than Danica by about twelve pounds and it was all the places that counted. The shape of her backside had been a thorn in Danica’s ass since school where the boys would secretly ogle and point at the two perfect globes that popped out below her waist and then spread graciously to her hips which always seemed present- even in puberty.
Cassandra’s breasts were always high and full something Danica could only accomplish with the most expensive of push up bras. The only reason Cassandra was able to fit into Danica’s clothes was the fabric. She liked stretchy clothes that accentuated her average figure and clung to the few curves she had, but on Cassandra stretchy clothes brought a whole new definition to the term ‘hourglass’.
Her final selection was a simple midnight blue strapless sheath that ended just below her knees and even Danica had to admit that the dress looked better on the girl who considered her a friend. Choosing nude wedges and a bone colored purse to accessorize the outfit, she spun from her reflection to face her friend.
“What do you think Danica? Is it alright?”
Dryly she responded, “I think it’s ok, but it will have to do. Do you want me to help with the makeup and hair?”
“No, you know I can fix that part myself.”
This was another reason Danica had issues with Cassandra- she needed so little to make her sweet little face look even more beautiful. With a heart shaped face and a button nose, Cassandra was often described as cute or innocent looking. Her flowing raven hair and hazel eyes added a hint of exotic mystery to her already alluring appearance and when she walked by men definitely noticed. It was sickening. Danica left the room as Cassandra undressed to take a shower. She didn’t need to see anymore of the goods she didn’t possess and would never unless plastic surgery was involved.
Sitting on her custom designed red futon, Danica redid her lip gloss and shook out her blonde hair. It was seven thirty and because Charles was a gentleman, he would be early- Danica would be ready. She poured herself a glass of wine and waited, poised like a Cobra to pounce on her best friend’s man. At fifteen minutes to the hour, the butler announced, “Mr. Mayhew is here for Miss Cassandra,” was and then promptly presented him to the kitchen where the lady of the house lay in wait.
“Charlessss,” Danica said, acting surprised that he had caught her indulging in a early evening drink, “How are you darling?” Her question was accompanied by the leaning of her cheek indicating she was open to receive a kiss. Thinking nothing of it, Charles pecked her on both cheeks and responded in a genuinely happy manner, “I am wonderful, Danica and I can see you are wonderful as well. How is your father?”
Annoyed that he chose not to linger on how wonderful she looked, she decided to bring the conversation back to herself as soon as possible.
“Oh Daddy is holding on as best he can in the trying circumstances. I tell you taking care of him is taking a toll on my body so I am glad you commented that I looked well. I was beginning to think I was becoming all skin and bones after all the worrying about him.” She laughed invitingly after her statement.
Charles nodded pensively, missing the cue to compliment her some more and the air became uncomfortably silent. Danica decided to try again to extract any words of admiration from Charles but as she opened her mouth, Cassandra emerged through the bedroom door and called his name.
“Charles!” The grin on her face was a bright as sunshine and his matched hers as he ran across the room to kiss her. The two were like teenagers and spent more time touching each other than anything else. As the lip lock released, he whispered, “I missed you today like crazy… I am so sorry your business stopped us from seeing each other.”
“I missed you too Charles,” she whispered back, “but you know how business goes.”
Cupping her round ass and forgetting they were in the presence of someone else, he said for her ears only, “There is only one business I want to think about and it’s underneath this little dress you are wearing.”
Giggling loudly and suddenly remembering Danica, Cassandra cleared her throat and detangled herself from his arms. It was rude to act this way in front of her friend. Her boyfriend had left her for a stunning Pilipino woman and it would be insensitive to make her feel bad about her new found love. After all, if Danica didn’t take her to the summer ball, she would have never decided pickled baby shrimp was something she wanted to try. It was standing next to the crystal bowl with the pink seafood swimming in vinaigrette that they met and soon became joined at the hip. Cassandra was now a shrimp lover.
Adjusting her dress back to a decent length after the hug, Cassandra clutched Charles’s hand tightly and walked over to Danica where she plopped a kiss on her best friend’s cheek and whispered a quiet ‘thank you’ before jetting through the door, giggling at a flirtatious comment Charles made. Danica was left alone in the huge apartment, where only the sound of her wine glass shattering against the closed door would bring her any solace.

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