Princess of Atlantis
By Eileen Holden
Date: April 5, 2019
Ch. 22

Kasey finished packing a light travel bag. She'd found one of their small boats that would work to be taken to the top of the sea, it worked like a mini submarine until you reached the surface. Then it became a regular boat with a small motor. From there, she'd found a mermaid who was willing to lead her boat to the mainland so she didn't die out in the middle of the ocean. Without fresh water and food, you wouldn't survive more than a couple of days topside.
Having packed some gold, in order to have funds once she reached the mainland. She wasn't sure what she'd do once she got there, but the adventure was enough she'd go with the flow and just experience it without having a deeper plan. This would be impulsive, but this is why she wasn't a good choice to rule their people.
She'd have to slip out at night, when everyone was sleeping. Her plan was risky, she'd never used one of the boats before, as they were only for emergencies, or when they banned a person from Atlantis.
Her was plan was to leave that night. She was working on a letter to her father, explaining why she left, and telling him not to follow her. She had tried to describe why she needed freedom. She had plenty of suitable sisters, all would love to serve the people of Atlantis the way her father had hoped she would.
She couldn't understand her fathers insistence that she lead their people. He'd never been able to give her a good reason. Having it be based on birth order went against all logic. For a science minded community, some of their cultural views went against logic and science. If you were to pick a leader based on suitability to lead, you wouldn't do it just because it was the eldest child. You would pick them because they had the right abilities.
Kasey shook her head and read over her note again.
She then left the note on her pillow, and sent a little prayer to a goddess that her father wouldn't hate her for her decision. She really felt this was the only way for her to get away from a position she didn't want, a position she knew she'd fail her people at if it was forced upon her.
Her father had never listened to her, and had always felt it was a phase she was going through, but you'd think he'd realize after all these years, that she was not going to change her mind.
Kasey looked around her bedroom one more time. It felt sterile, there was no color, it was just a white room, with a bed and the necessities. She'd always loved to paint and her father had felt it was a frivolous activity and a waste of her time. Maybe if he'd been encouraging of something she enjoyed doing, she'd have been more open to the things he expected out of her.
Instead, she'd felt trapped, forced to ignore the things that brought joy to her life. She felt like she wasn't supposed to feel joy, or any emotions for that matter.
Steeling her shoulders, she slipped out of the compound her father called a house. She made a way to the docking station where the boat capsule was being held and with her father's stolen I.D. badge, she snuck in.
She planned to leave it behind for him to find, she wasn't trying to be a thief, she just wanted out.
Throwing her bags into the boat, she setup the launch sequence and hoped that she put in the information correctly. Dying in the water, in an unmarked grave didn't sound like the best way to go.
She pushed the button to launch, after securing the capsule to protect her from the water. Closing her eyes, she sent a small prayer out and hoped for the best.

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