Housewife 3
By Emma Hunt
Date: February 23, 2018
Ch. 22

Seeing him now made me wonder if my husband had included Ian his activities that he planned for Friday. Instantly I imagined myself between the two of them, bent over with one of them fucking me from behind, while the other filled my mouth. I could feel the sweat forming on my back.
“I just wanted to stop in and say hi.” He said, then stepped further into my office. He closed the door behind him. Previously I would’ve worried about anyone seeing him come into my office and the rumor mill that it would generate now. I didn’t care. All I cared about now was what my body wanted.
“Hi,” I smiled.
“I wanted to apologize for not, you know stopping by sooner after what happened.” Memories of the way his cock filled me made my whole body tingle.
“It’s okay.”
“I didn’t want you to think I just,” he lowered his voice, “used you and forgot about you.”
“I didn’t think that at all.” I wanted to jump up, climb over my desk and rip off his clothes.
“And I don’t want things to become weird here, since we have to work together. Plus, I wanted to let you know that I’ll never tell anyone here about what happened.”
“Thank you for that.”
“So I just wanted to make sure everything was cool.” Part of him seemed uncomfortable with the conversation. The other part of him eyed me up and down.
“It’s cool.”
“I have to get going, my wife is making me go to some charity art gallery opening tonight.” Hearing about his wife brought me back to reality again. I wanted him again, but I also knew that other couples didn’t exactly have an open relationship the way Luc and I did.
“Before you go, I have a question.”
“Did my husband talk to you about this Friday?”
“What do you mean?” He looked at me blankly.
“He didn’t say anything to you about it?”
“No and unfortunately, my personal event planner has something planned for us that night too. However if you’d like to get together some night in the future just let me know.”
“I’d like that.” I smiled and we waved good bye.
He left me alone in my office, my heart still pounding. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that he wasn’t lying. I had a feeling that my husband may have invited him for whatever activity was planned that night.
Fifteen minutes later, I was stepping off the elevator into the parking garage when my phone ring. The ring tone said it was my husband and I juggled my keys, purse and laptop bag to get my phone. “Hey baby. Make it in safe?”
“Plane landed an hour ago, I just got to my hotel.”
“How was your day?”
The sound of my heels on the concrete echoed through the half empty garage. “Good, I’m just getting off of work.” I juggled my stuff around to get to my keys and pressed the button to unlock my SUV.
“I miss you.”
“I miss you too.” I put my stuff into the passenger side of the car, then walked around to the driver’s side.
“I’m rock hard.” His words made me freeze.
It took me a few moments to gain enough composure to think of what to say next. “Really?”
“I can’t stop thinking of this morning.”
“Neither can I.” I felt the dampness returning to my lace underwear.
“I wish you were here.”
“Me too.” I lowered my voice and continued, “I know exactly what I would do if I was there.”
“What’s that?”
“Let me drive home and I’ll tell you.” I climbed into my SUV, eager to get home.
“I don’t know if I have that long. The opening keynote is in an hour and I still have to get ready.”
“That’s okay, I can wait.” I turned on the car and felt the cool air almost immediately from the air conditioning.
“I don’t know. With the time difference by the time I’m done for the night, you’ll probably be long asleep. How about if right now, you take off your panties and tell me exactly what you would do if you were here with me.”
“I can’t. I’m in the parking garage at work.” My heart started to pound. I wanted to do it, but it was too risky. I hadn’t seen anyone else in the garage and my windows were tinted, but I couldn’t risk it.
“I’m rock hard and stroking my cock. Thinking of the way the cum looked on your face this morning.”
My heart skipped a beat and I gave in. I looked right, then left. No one else in sight. “I’m taking them off now.”
“That’s what I like to hear.” I could almost hear his grin on the other side of the phone.
I pulled my skirt up and saw the pink fabric of my panties. I slid my hand between my legs and felt the dampness of the fabric. Just the brush of my fingertips through the material made my body awaken with a jolt. I peeled off my panties and put them on to the seat next to me. “They’re off.”
“Which pair of panties are you wearing tonight?”
“The pink lace panties. The ones you said look really good on my ass.”
“Good choice. Now what would you do if you were here?”
“I’d want to pick up where we left off earlier. I would suck you until you were rock hard.” I slid my hand between my legs again, this time feeling my bare skin, it’s wet, warm texture. My sensitive lips opening to my touch.
“Are you touching yourself?”
“I am.” I slid two fingers into my wetness and a soft moan escaped my lips.
“You’re such a slut touching yourself in the fucking work parking garage.” I could hear his heavy breathing on the other side of the phone.
“You bring this side out of me.”
“I love it. Now what would you do once I’m rock hard.”
“Are you on the bed or somewhere else?”
“I’m in a chair next to the bed.”
“Then I’d walk over to you and give you a special lap dance, rubbing my wet opening against your rock hard cock until neither of us could take it anymore.” I couldn’t believe I was talking like this. I hadn’t talked this dirty since I was in my early twenties. I had never talked to my husband like this. I never even thought of having phone sex with him. It just didn’t seem like his thing until now. Things had definitely changed.
“I like it.”
“Then I’d lower myself on to you.”
He grunted on the other side.
I remembered where I was and took a quick look around, however I didn’t stop with my fingers. I moved to my clit now, the finger tips dancing around and across my very sensitive spot. “I’d ride myself until I couldn’t go on anymore. Then I’d fall to my knees on the floor in front of you. Would you fuck me from behind?”
“Oh god yes. I’d fuck your cunt until I filled it with cum.” He had never used that C word before. I didn’t even know it was in his vocabulary. Just hearing him say it send me over the edge. This time my moan wasn’t soft. It was loud and filled the interior of my SUV. I didn’t care if anyone nearby heard now.

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