Housewife 2
By Emma Hunt
Date: December 6, 2017
Ch. 22

The club, a building on the ground floor of a six story office building had a line wrapping around the block. Kelly waved at the bouncer and we skipped the line. We didn’t even have to pay the cover.
Outside the club was nothing but tinted windows, inside lights flashed and electronic music filled the air. The bass vibrated my body, the intense crowds made me sweat. Luc, Ian and I were on the older side of the crowd. Most of the people there were in their early twenties and hormones fueling their thoughts. The men all looked hot and I caught more than a few of them checking me out. It made me add a little movement to my walk.
However the majority of the females there made me feel old. They all wore dresses that made everything I owned look boring. Even compared to what I used to wear when I was younger, it was risqué. The dresses left little too the imagination, most of them backless, many of them with necklines down to the belly. No room for a bra or probably any underwear. I worked out all of the time, but I had always been curvy and I definitely didn’t have my voluptuous twenty-one year old body anymore. I felt way over dressed in my plain, purple office safe dress.
Luc found the V.I.P. section and wasted no time getting us a table. I saw the deejay, the dance floor moving to the beat in front of him. That’s where I wanted to be.
Luc started us off with a bottle of champagne. Kelly insisted in buying us all shots. Luc was watching his drinking, so I ended up with his shot, my own and the start of something more than a buzz. My body felt warm, my thoughts relaxed and a growing horniness.
The exact details were fuzzy because of the alcohol, but I do remember the guys talking and out of the blue Kelly took my hand and asked Luc, “I love this song, do you mind if I take her dancing?” Her hand was smaller than mine, but full of energy.
“Go for it.” I was surprised by his answer.
Kelly led me out of the V.I.P. area and down to the wooden dance floor in the middle of the large room. Male eyes watched us as found an open spot and started to dance.
She danced like she was full of life and energy. Her every move confident and sensual. She reminded me a lot of myself before I ended up married.
She grabbed my hips and made me dance to her tempo. I’ll admit that right there I remembered fooling around with my roommate in college. We drank too much one night at the college bar and literally fell into bed together. It was a wild night that while our underwear stayed on, I’ll never forget it. I craved cock, but it was a fantasy that came to me late at night once in a blue moon.
She leaned into me and said, “Are you fucking Ian?”
“What?” The loud music made me unsure of what she said.
“If you are, it’s not big deal. I won’t pursue him any further.”
“No nothing like that.”
“Are you sure. I saw the way you guys looked at each other before your husband got there and how uncomfortable you looked after that.”
“No, really I’m not.”
“Okay, if you change your mind let me know.”
Kelly caught the eye of a guy that looked like spent his whole life in the gym and the tanning salon. Definitely not my type, but she smiled at him and moved a few feet back from me to make room for him.
They started dancing body to body and for a moment I was jealous. Then I felt a hand on my waist. I turned around and expected to see my husband. Instead I saw a man that definitely wasn’t my husband. He couldn’t have been more than a year or two out of college, but he had the body that made me pay attention.
I looked towards the V.I.P. area, I couldn’t see my husband through the crowd. I remembered my sorority formal. He danced with me at first, because he had to. However as soon as he could, he took a seat back at our table, leaving me dance with a friend from our sibling fraternity. Was that where this fantasy of his started? Is that why he wanted to see me fucking another man?
I told myself Luc wouldn’t mind and moved towards the younger man and his stellar body. He had a white shirt that showed off his chest muscles and made his natural tan stand out.
At first we just danced together, not moving into each others’ personal space. He made the first move forward and put his hands on my waist. I told myself to not let it go any further, but soon we were dancing with our bodies pressed together. This was such a bad idea, but I didn’t want to stop.
The guy could move in a way that made me wonder what he would be like in bed. I remembered my lovers from my early twenties. Some knew how to satisfy a woman, some barely lasted more than a minute. I had a feeling this guy in front of me would be part of the first group. The worst part was that I wanted to find out.
He grew hard against my stomach and I knew that I should’ve ended it right there, it just made me want him even more. Part of me hoped that my husband couldn’t see this, yet secretly I wanted him to witness everything.
The stranger’s hands held me tight and he pressed himself hard against me. I felt the desire growing between my legs. Could we somehow sneak out to the alley way for a quick fuck?
What was I thinking? My husband was in the same room. I turned around to head back towards Kelly, yet the man refused to give up. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him.
His rock hard cock pressed up against my ass. Part of me still turned off, part of me starting to feel uncomfortable.
“I want to fuck you,” he said into my ear.
I wasn’t sure if my husband would approve of that or not. “I’m sorry, but I’m married.”
He moved his hands up my waist to my tits. In the middle of the club he cupped my breasts. I had been to my fair share of college bars and night clubs. I had been groped before, but this was something else. My mouth dropped, I couldn’t believe it. The lust twisted inside of me, but my brain flashed red flags and told me to run away.
Before I realized what was going on, he moved a hand between my legs. I was mad at myself for drinking so much. I felt like I was going in slow motion while everything around me went at a hyper speed.

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