Housewife 2
By Emma Hunt
Date: November 29, 2017
Ch. 11

My husband Luc slid into the black leather booth next to me, pinning me between him and my so-called work husband Ian. Luc often complained that I spent more time with Ian, but most of the time he made jokes about it.
I didn’t find it so funny. I squirmed in between the two of them, careful not to let my legs or any part of my body bump up touch Ian. Don’t get me wrong, I had a schoolgirl crush on him, but it could never be anything more.
I didn’t want Luc to come, but I didn’t exactly have a choice. If I had my way, I would’ve had a few too many too drink and taken a taxi home. There I would finally have enough courage to confront my husband. I needed to talk to him. We needed to have a conversation. We hadn’t talked about what happened with Brian. In the two weeks since Brian left my husband and I fucked each others’ brains out, but our marriage felt like it was spinning out of control.
I needed to tell him that it was just a one-time thing and that I only loved him. I may have had fantasies about other men, but my husband was the only that mattered and I needed to make sure he knew that. I worried that he wanted to leave me, that he may have endorsed the fantasy but the reality was too much.
After the day Brian left, Luc never said anything about it. The silence put me on edge, afraid that anything I did might lead to me losing my husband. Even a minor touch between Ian and me or a look between the two of us might be the final crack in our rocky wedding.
The get together at the bay side restaurant was to celebrate the company landing a huge new client. Spouses and significant others were encouraged to attend, the company liked still liked to think of itself as one big family. Luc had showed up after most of the company execs and upper management had already left. He choose working at his own company rather than eating dinner, leaving me with my work husband.
At the moment, Ian had no significant other. At the company’s holiday party I met his last significant other. She was a nice girl, but I spent the night thinking that he could do better. To me she seemed a bit of an airhead and I got the distinct impression that she was very much on the high maintenance side of things when she complained about the wine not being from the right vineyard. I spent most of the night talking to them, I got to know her far too well.
Across the table from us sat Lucy and Paul, the happiest couple I knew. She was madly in love with him and let it slip into every conversation that she could.
“About time you made it,” I said after Luc kissed me on the cheek.
“Sorry, got stuck on a conference call.” Typical Luc excuse, a lot of things in our marriage had changed in the past few weeks, but his workaholic tendencies wasn’t one of them. “Did I miss anything?” Luc asked as he glanced the blonde personal assistant at the next table. She was a new hire, just started at the company a few weeks earlier but already had the attention of most of the men that worked on our floor. I couldn’t blame them. She probably wasn’t even twenty-four yet, barely out of college and a petite body that I imagined the men probably thought a lot about.
“Are you hungry?”
“I had a bite to eat, but if the kitchen is still open.”
Eventually the younger staff, the mostly single staff left and headed to a night club around the corner. I was kind of jealous, I wanted to go dancing. A few years ago, that would’ve been me leaving with them, but I knew neither my husband nor my work husband would want to join me for that. Kelly, the blonde new hire joined our table instead of heading out with the rest of the people at her table. My first impression was that she didn’t want to look like a partier to her new boss, Lucy. However she had a drink in her hand and her words sounded like she had as much of a buzz as myself.
As the work centered conversation continued and the drinks piled up, I noticed her blue eyes drift towards Ian. He had to be ten years older than her, but he looked back. I imagined he was thinking about spreading her long legs and slamming his cock into her tight body.
Her eyes didn’t stop there either. She looked past me and she definitely gave my husband a look. I tried to ignore it, but her courage impressed me.
Lucy cut off the conversation with a yawn. At the same time, almost everyone at the table looked at their watches or cell phone screens. My cell phone put the time at 11:02. “I think I’m calling it a night,” Lucy said.
“It’s probably a good time,” I said and finished my last sips of wine.
“What’s your plans?” Kelly asked Ian.
I felt the jealous flare up inside of me and I was mad at myself for feeling jealous. He wasn’t mine, he should go out and have fun.
“Not sure.” Ten seconds ago Ian’s eye lids looked like they might close, now the attention from Kelly brought new life to his face. He smiled.
“There’s a new club a few blocks away from here. I know I can get us past the front of the line.” A few years ago, it would’ve been me that knew the bouncer.
“That sounds like fun,” Ian said.
“Do you guys want to come?” She look around the table, stopping at my husband.
“I think I’m ready to hit the bed,” Lucy said and stood up from the table with her husband.
Kelly looked at me. I wanted to go, but I knew Luc would hate me if I agreed. It had been a long time since I convinced him to join me at a club or really anywhere near a dance floor, including weddings.
“Count us in.” Luc wrapped his arm around me as he said it. I was pleasantly surprised.
Outside of the restaurant, Lucy and Paul headed towards the parking lot. I knew that’s the direction I should’ve been heading. Nothing good could come out of this. Based on Luc’s passed club experiences, he would be bored or would get jealous and cause an argument if he saw me dancing with someone else. Or maybe something else would happen. I promised myself that I would be a good wife, but thoughts of Brian, thoughts of my husband getting turned on by another man fucking me rushed through my head.

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