A Sorcerer at Her Side
By Violet Day
Date: May 25, 2016
Ch. 99

When she woke up, everything was different.
The round window was plugged shut with wood that blended into the wood of the side of the ship. The boat was lurching and the sound of heavy rain pelted against the hull. Emonar was sitting on his bed, resting against the wall with his eyes closed. A tattered book with a leather cover was by his hand.
His eyes fluttered open. “Yes?”
“What’s going on? And how long did I sleep?”
“You slept for… I believe almost four hours. We set sail a few hours ago, and then this storm hit us. One of the mates came down here to tell us not to leave our cabin until further notice.”
“Is it dangerous? Should we be worried?”
“I don’t believe so. The ship hasn’t fallen to one side and no water has leaked into our room. But most of the crew is on deck making sure neither of those events take place.”
Shayla nodded. She lay back down in her bed. “So it must be night outside.”
“I might go back to sleep.”
“I may as well.”
“You were sleeping?”
“Sometimes I find it more pleasurable than staying awake. And I believe you should be safe through the night. Everyone is staying in their rooms. Unless you would feel safer with me awake.”
“I feel safe with you simply being here,” she said, and rolled onto her side and fell back asleep. It was somewhat nice to be sleepy and warm when the weather was wild and dark and wet outside.
This time she woke to shouts on the deck. Metal clanged against metal.
She sat up in bed, shocked.
Emonar was standing by the door.
“You are awake. I just awoke as well. I believe there is some kind of fight occurring above deck. We would be wise to stay in our room until someone tells us it is safe to leave.”
“Are you quite sure? Shouldn’t we go and see what’s happening?”
Emonar seemed to think for a moment. “If you wish. I am fully rested; I am able to guard you from any threat I expect. Yes. Let us go see what is happening up there.”
Shayla glanced at herself in a mirror hanging on the wall by the door. She looked tired and a crease in her pillowcase had left an indentation on her cheek. She ran her fingers through her blonde hair, wishing she was somewhere else where she would have the free time and peace of mind to sit and braid it. Or somewhere she could have her maid braid it.
How she wanted to be at home…
But she wasn’t.
She followed Emonar out the room and down the dark hallway the led to all the rooms below deck. She was surprised to see that the rooms were all empty, but the beds looked slept in. What did that mean? Were all the other passengers on deck as well?
Emonar climbed the ladder and pushed open the hatch to the deck. Almost as soon as he did so, someone grabbed him and pulled him up roughly. Shayla climbed up the ladder to get a better view when a burly man grabbed her and threw her onto the deck next to Emonar.
A burly man in green and white.
She looked around, trying to get her bearings.
The captain and most of his men were either lying on the deck, bleeding, or tied a mast. A few of the sailors were parading around the deck with the men who had carried out the mutiny.
Men in green and white. The ignorant captain must have let on Sir Fane’s men as his other passengers without knowing the consequences.
The burly man kicked her. “There’s the little Lady Shayla,” he said, his voice mocking. “We were about to come get you but it seems you’ve come to us.”
“Uren!” A smooth voice reprimanded the burly man. “Get away from her. And someone bind the sorcerer in the chamber we prepared.”
Emonar was dragged away.
A tan hand reached down to help Shayla up. She stood.
“Hello,” said the most captivating face Shayla had ever seen. “I’m Leon Fane, and I’m holding you for ransom.”

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