Beach Bummed
By Amelia Brooks
Date: October 27, 2015
Ch. 11


I will never, ever do this to myself again, I think as I wait for my flight to begin boarding. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is buzzing with energy. It’s eight a.m. on a Monday morning and as I sit in the international terminal, sipping my macchiato, I still can’t believe that last night happened and that I am heading to Mexico as my way of coping.
Basically, last night was the absolute worse night of my life. I’m pretty sure most of the human race would agree that if what happened to me had happened to them, it would be the worst night of their life too.
Yesterday was a Sunday and it was going great, the way Sundays usually go. I spent most of it shopping with my mom and sister in Virginia Highlands, and we even had lunch at Murphy’s, one of my most favorite restaurants in the city. Even though we had originally planned to end the day by catching a movie, we decided to part ways instead, since we were all so tired from the shopping and eating.
With my evening free, I decided to surprise my boyfriend, Daniel, with a visit. Stopping on the way to pick up a carton of caramel pretzel ice cream, which is his favorite, I made my way to his house. I remember thinking on the way there that it will be any day now before he asks me to move in with him. We were just at that point in our relationship, and I knew this was the guy with which I wanted to spend the rest of my life.
I get up from the plastic airport chair to throw my coffee cup away, trying to push the vivid memory of last night out of my head. To think, up until last night, I planned on one day becoming Mrs. Daniel Carter. The thought made me want to cry and throw up at the same time. Before this happened, I never knew it was possible to both utterly hate and kind of still love someone at the exact same time.
That’s why I’m leaving the country, I ruefully think. Between a crying jag and ripping one of Daniel’s sweatshirts to complete shreds last night, I took a break from the turmoil and booked an all-inclusive vacation to the Mayan Riviera. Call me crazy. Right now, I really think I may very well be, but this trip is giving me something else to focus on other than the image of Daniel really getting it on with a blonde. A blonde that wasn’t me.
As they are calling for my flight to begin boarding, I gather up my leopard print carry-on bag and my purse. Making sure I have my passport and boarding pass, I hurry to the gate so that I can start the journey that will place a wide distance between me and Daniel. I’m really hoping this week in Mexico will help heal my heart....

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