A Heart's Desire
By Tani Writes
Last Post: May 24, 2024

Mr Ahmed is a good person from a respectable family. His daughter Tara also thinks like her father.
She is a student and wants to raise the name of her father through her hard work.
Accustomed to having high talents and great thinking, this girl does not believe in love at first, but after meeting Danesh, she finds out what love is.

The Danesh rescue officer is a handsome and well-mannered person who is a friend of Mr Ahmed. He likes Tara very much because of her big and high thinking like her father. Danesh says that Tara is different from modern-day girls because she is ideological.

In a very short time, Tara and Danesh fall in love with each other but what if Mr Ahmed finds out, will he feel bad? They both are worried about this.
Danesh expresses his immense love for Tara and his heart's desire to marry her and make her life partner.
But, Tara is adamant that her parents will not agree due to some reasons from Danesh's family.
Will Tara leave Danesh despite loving him herself?

Looking at the ups and downs in their lives, what miracle they are gonna expect that meet each other?

Let's embark on the fantastic love story which is heading towards an unknown destination.

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