The Wrath Of The Shadow Wolf
By Angel Mark (Author)
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After her mum's death, Riona fought tooth and nail to stop the relationship that was building between her dad, Wright and the distant widow, Maeve. And when her dad ignored her and secretly made Maeve his wife, Riona became convinced that Maeve had killed her mum, Evolette. Her suspicion was premised on the mystery that she felt surrounded Maeve's family, the Johnsons.
On several occasions, she demanded to know the ailment that had taken her mum's life but her dad blatantly refused to oblige her with the details she sought for. His refusal, coupled with how Maeve had entered her family, led her to believe that Maeve was only but a gold digger and had a hand in her mum's death.
In order to prove her claim to all those that thought that she was being possessive of her dad, she fought against all odds and set out to unravel the mystery surrounding her mum's demise and make Maeve pay for her crime.
Obsessed in her quest, Riona began to grow distrust for everyone around her, and her dad who had ignored her dislike for Maeve and had gone behind her to wed Maeve was not spared from this. During the course of her investigation, she met and fell in love with Dexter but her distrust for humans made her suppress her feelings and rather let it remain a secret crush.
She saw Dexter as a distraction and even though his feelings for her were glaring, she was ready to sacrifice this love on the altar of vengeance. However, embodied in his undying love, Dexter accepted to help Riona in her investigation and in the cause of this, they both made some ugly discoveries about Evolette and Maeve's past which only gave credence to Riona's suspicions on Maeve.
Armed with this discovery, Riona vowed to make Maeve pay for her mum's death even if that would cost her her most cherished possession, Talia. However, everything took a twist when Riona found her mum's note which revealed her true identity as the shadow wolf. Now Riona is faced with an option of whether to accept her werewolf nature and go against Derrick, her dad's cousin who had been behind it all and had long ago chased her dad away from his people or to stick to her hate and get Maeve out of her dad's life.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: November 25, 2021
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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