Secrets of the Forest
By Bria Barnes (Author)
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Ebook: 12582 words
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The war between fairy folk and humans has stretched back hundreds of years, though the true nature of the disagreement has long been lost to the sands of time. A young fairy woman, Phaedra is sent undercover as a human to underneath details of the human’s next attack. She was ready to face her mortal enemy, ready to kill them in their sleep. She wasn’t ready to fall in love with one. Robert the young knight who finds her on the side of the road is as different from what Phaedra expected. He is kind, understanding and seeks an end to the war as well. So when it comes time to make her decision will Phaedra choose to protect her people and betray Robert or will she choose love and a life of uncertainty?

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: August 13, 2015
Language: English

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