Small Gods


Librarian's Note: For alternate cover edition of same ISBN published later, click here.Internationally acclaimed author Terry Pratchett takes the name of religion humorously in vain in this classic tale of gods, miracles, and monsters. A simple lad who can neither read nor write, Brutha is content growing melons for the Temple monks. But his lot changes when a tortoise appears in his garden. To Brutha's dismay, he discovers that he's become his god's Chosen One--a difficult position that requires spreading goodness and stopping holy wars.Of course no good deed goes unpunished, and soon some rather inquisitive folk are taking an unhealthy interest in Brutha. They don't see a need for peace, love, and tolerance. They liked the old days just fine. And Brutha, too, yearns for the simple life he once led--a desire that leads him to wonder just why his god didn't choose someone else.


Publisher: Hartorch
Publication Date: February 25, 2003
Pages: 357
Formats: Print