Crossing The Air To The 21st Century
By Jenifer Hoang
Date: August 8, 2022
Ch. 13Chapter 13: Meeting Bodhi Clark After Two Years

“Carl  Dion is still my favorite ice cream, it's delicious.” She popped the ice cream cone while appreciating it.
Carl  Dion saw her having fun and made fun of her. “Eat me, I'm so much better than ice cream…”
Clara Alice looked at him helplessly. It's obvious that he's making fun of her, but because he can eat so well today, he forgives him for the time being. She just glanced at him sideways, then continued to eat the rest of the ice cream.
Clara Alice suddenly looked at a familiar figure not far away. He seemed very familiar, only a few meters away from her, but she still found him very familiar. You don't have many friends in this world, so who is that person? Clara Alice kept trying to look at that person hoping she could remember that figure. Because her hunch told her, that person she had met before. Sure enough, the person was tilted slightly at first. From the point of view she recognized him, it was Bodhi Clark.

"Carl  Dion seems that person is Bodhi Clark, is it true?" She grabbed an ice cream stick from a nearby trash can, then pushed Carl  Dion's hand again and asked.
Carl  Dion was also a bit surprised but dumbfounded. How did she realize that it was Bodhi Clark as soon as she met him? In his memory, he never remembered anything related to her and Bodhi Clark. “Do you know Bodhi Clark?”
Clara Alice did not know how to answer for a moment, she stammered a little. “We've met before, but it's a very long story. I'll tell you when I get home, okay?" After she finished, she continued to stare at Bodhi Clark.
“Doesn't this person not know how to write the two words 'delicate'? In the middle of such a crowded place, he hugged and kissed the girl in his arms like that. It's not that bad..." She muttered under her breath, even cursing him in her heart. Anyway, Bodhi Clark considers her only enemy in this world?
“Men, when they have not met the person they love, they will be like that. I was like that before…” Carl  Dion candidly recounted his pompous past. But when he met her sulky gaze, he raised his hand in surrender.
“Your wife forgives me, I was wrong. Since meeting Mrs. Diep, I have not been like that anymore..."
Clara Alice looked at him with remorse, so she stopped her aggressive gaze. Anyway, she knew he was just joking. But she continued to look at Bodhi Clark for a long time, as he took the girl by the waist and left. She also felt that there was no longer any good drama to watch. Immediately tell Carl  Dion to take her home. The two of them both left the mall with complicated moods. In fact, although Carl  Dion did not say it, he was also very concerned about the fact that Clara Alice and Bodhi Clark knew each other. Just now, looking at her attitude, he somehow began to worry. And Clara Alice was both annoyed and upset when she saw him again. A man once abandoned her on a crowded street to go meet the person he loves. Is it too miserable?
But talking about Bodhi Clark mentioned is also coincidental. This time, when she returned home, she also wanted to find him. Her princess card was in his hands. That time, she forgot it at his house, and still can't get it back. That was the only thing that proved she wasn't from this world. It was also something very important to her. She is a member of the family, so wherever she is, the card is very important. At the time of receiving the decree of ordination to the princess, the order was given to her by the emperor. So now, at all costs, she must get it back.

In the car, the atmosphere was extremely quiet, and finally, Carl  Dion took the initiative to speak to her. “How did you and Bodhi Clark know? Why have I never heard of him? He's not a simple person, I used to interact with him a lot. I'm just afraid he'll hurt you."
Clara Alice felt very tired inside. She really didn't think she would meet Bodhi Clark under such circumstances. Listening to Carl  Dion ask her to gently tell her story when she first came here through space. “When I came here from the Prussia, it was at his house. But I was only there for a few days, then he abandoned me. That day he originally said he would let me stay at his house. Gradually let me adapt to this world. But in the end he abandoned me on that crowded street. The first time we met, do you remember me sitting alone on the street crying? At that time, he had just left me alone. As for me, I ran away, so then we met. Is it possible that our fate is Bodhi Clark's carelessness?"
Clara Alice thought of this and burst into laughter. It seems that Bodhi Clark really has created a blessing, is in a blessed situation. Otherwise, she would not have two years of peace and happiness. Carl  Dion's supercar is parked in front of his large mansion. These streets are all villas for the elite. But Carl  Dion really doesn't like being noisy. So more than a year ago, this street had a total of eight villas. All eight villas were purchased by him under his personal property. So it can be said that Clara Alice did not exchange a single neighbor.
When Carl  Dion heard her tell about it, he did not speak up for a moment. The atmosphere in the car is extremely quiet. But Clara Alice didn't notice his attitude at first, not long after she saw the car stopped in front of the door. But he still had no intention of stepping out. She suddenly understood the problem, was he jealous? Seeing that, Clara Alice shook his hand and coaxed him a little.

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