By Levi
Date: September 29, 2021
Ch. 3Admit

"If Dextar hadn't told me where you were, I wouldn't have known!" Macky's Anas surprised me. Suddenly my heartbeat quickened.

"Does Dextar know where we are?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes. The three of you were looking for me because even if they asked me a question, I couldn't tell them where in the world you went. He just told me about it, so when I found out right away, I took your cousin's number. and Kisha. "

At length what Macky said was just what he said earlier that struck me.

"D-did they get here?"

"Maybe we do! They know your exact address--"

"I can't! Dextar can't see me!" I suddenly shouted which grabbed the attention of my companions.

"Diane, what's the matter?"

"Who are you talking to?"

At the same time Kyla and Angel approached me, Kyla was still wiping her hand while Angel was still holding the remote. Kisha was with Tristhan who also approached us with a hug and a throw pillow.

"Are they Kyla Diane? I'll talk to them too." I heard Macky harvest from the other line. I nodded confusedly and handed the cellphone to Angel.

"Macky." Poor answer to Kyla's question earlier.

I let them talk to Macky so I went up to Angel's room. I faintly walked over and sat on the bed. It's clear in my mind what Macky said to me, known by Dextar where I am.

I then felt that my distance and hiding had become useless. Now I’m thinking about how I’m going to hide myself in case he comes here, I’m immediately thinking about the possibilities and I don’t want him to know as well as what I’m hiding.

My mind was just interrupted when the bedroom door opened and Angel entered. He approached me with a smile on his lips.

"We already told Macky about our plan and he said he's willing to help us." He sat down next to me.

"We already gave him your number. He said he'll just call you again when he gets here." He added.

Until now, I was the only one with a cellphone among the four of us, I bought it so that we could use Kisha's contact here when we left the apartment. We left our cellphones there.

"Are you okay?" Angel asked as I remained silent. I could even feel Angel's hand on my back. I looked down at my hands.

"They know Dextar we're here." I said softly, just enough for Angel to hear.

"W-what?" Angel was shocked.

"When else?"

"M-Macky didn't say that." I replied. Angel was silent so I took one of his hands and tried to smile.

"Let's not think about them first. I'm still not afraid to see him because he's still not obvious." I insist that the reference is to my stomach.

"Let's just focus on what needs to be done okay? It's for us too." That is what I said, but in my heart I was immediately discouraged. Angel nodded and also tried to smile back at me.

"Shall we tell this to Kyla? We know even if she doesn't speak-she's waiting for Klyn to find her and come here." I looked away. Not a day goes by that Kyla doesn't mention Klyn, she talks about it and always says she misses her boyfriend.

Tristhan also told us that there was a time when he caught his sister crying. I know he's having a hard time, maybe we all are. We have our own problems and we are going through them.

But as I always say, as long as I'm with them, I can handle everything. And as long as we are together, we can overcome problems. We just really have to endure and sacrifice.

"We can't tell Kyla. It will be especially difficult for her because she will definitely think of us too, I also know she can't just leave us here."

I reply to Angel. I'm sure that's why Kyla is having a hard time because she doesn't want to leave us here even though she really wants to be with Klyn.

And the more she finds out her boyfriend knows where she is, the more difficult it will be for her to choose who she will go with. And I don’t like to think that he would choose Klyn over us.

"Let's just wait for Klyn to pick him up, then he'll decide if he'll come or not."

I added that Angel and I were sad. We both don't want Kyla to be separated from us, but we can't do anything about her decision. 

Diane's Point Of View

Angel announced for a moment that he would fetch water. Exactly when he came out, my cellphone rang. I took it and looked at it, only the number was written.

I frowned at what I was staring at, it wasn't from the Philippines so I knew the person calling me was also in New York.

Suddenly, what Macky said came to my mind again, which made me realize that it might be Dextar. He knows our exact address, so it's not impossible that he also got information about us, even my number.

And since the number is registered in this country, I thought he might be here in New York as well. I closed my eyes tightly and dared to answer the call.

"Hello? Who's this?" Though nervous I kept my voice calm.

"Xian Lester."

My eyebrows met again but somehow I was able to breathe easily.


"Nothing. I just want to say hi to you."

"I already said hello to you so goodbye."

"Not too fast." I heard her weak laugh.

"I want to talk to you." I sighed.

"What do you want?"


"Could you please--"

"Could you please don't hang up the phone? You're voice is so relaxing. I want to hear you more." He cut me off. I was about to answer when the door opened and Angel came in again holding a glass of water.

Angel saw that I was talking on the phone so he grabbed the glass first and sat down next to me again.

"Xian, listen to me." I said to Xian while looking at Angel who was also looking at me.

"I am."

"I'm pregnant." I admit

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