It makes the Difference(Farak padta Hai)
By Niranjana
Date: February 10, 2021
Ch. 20Shocking Proposal


Arnav was keeping his eyes on Khushi after NK's Reception. But to his surprise, Vignesh never approached Khushi after that, not even for a single time which amazed him at the same time it confused him too. But his subconscious mind warned him that something big is going to happen.

As he expected.....

After ten days

Besant Nagar Beach

Shashi was jogging alone on the beach. He saw a man advancing him. He forwarded his hand for a shake. Shashi smiled at him and complete the shake.

Man: I'm Ganesh. Vignesh Textiles owner. Hope you know me.

Shashi: of course. I'm Shashi Gupta.

Ganesh: I want to talk to you. Can we?

Shashi: About what?

Ganesh: My son Vignesh.

Shashi: Ohh how is he?

Ganesh: He became a new man. (Shashi looked at him confusingly) because of your daughter. (Shashi stiffened himself) I don't want to lie. He was not a good guy. He roamed without caring about anything, but recently he is showing interest in the business because he wants to settle down in his life. His total behavior got changed. I know it won't happen without a strong reason. That's when he said he liked your daughter so much. I'm so glad that finally, he got to know the value of life. (he held Shashi's hands) we want your daughter as our daughter-in-law because I don't want to lose my son. He won't live without her because she is the only girl who changed him totally. Please trust me. She will be like a queen in our house.

Shashi: I don't know what to say.

Ganesh: Please don't say anything in haste. Take your time and think because it's my son's life. hope you will give me a good answer.

Shashi didn't utter a single word. Ganesh bid bye to him and left. Shashi reached home and got fresh. Garima saw him thinking deeply.

Garima: What happened Shashiji? You look stressed...

Shashi: No. I'm not. I'm just searching for a way to avoid someone.

Garima: Avoid? Then ask your friend.

Shashi also wanted to talk to Arvind as he didn't decide it without him. He dialed Arvind's number.

Shashi: Are you free?

Arvind: Always... for you.

Shashi: Come home with Ratna.

Arvind: Anything serious?

Shashi: yes. Take permission from your office and come.

Arvind: Ok. give me few minutes.

They disconnected the call. Arvind sensed something wrong from Shashi's tone. They reached GH. Garima and Khushi also were sitting with Shashi in the living room.

Shashi: I want to talk to everyone present here.

Arvind: yes, tell us.

Shashi explained everything, what Ganesh told him today morning. Everyone was shocked.

Garima (angrily): What's there to talk about? Can't you say it on his face that we aren't ready for his proposal? Do you know how he misbehaved with Khushi? And what about our will? How could we even think of anyone instead of Arnav? Just reply to him that Khushi is already engaged.

Shashi: I really don't know what to do.

Ratna was observing Khushi's nervousness. She looked so disturbed.

Arvind: I too don't know what to say because we can't give any assurance about Chinna.

Shashi: Why not we talk to him once?

Khushi: No dad. (Everyone looked at her) please don't do that. What if he rejects me? (she looked tensed) I have no doubt he will surely do that. And I can't tolerate it.

Shashi: Beta, calm down
Shashi: Beta, calm down. Why are you thinking so?

Khushi: Because I know him. Such an adamant guy he is. She said gritting her teeth.

Ratna saw she was gulping her tears. She pressed Arvind's hand and gestured him. Arvind looked at her shockingly getting her point. He raised his eyebrows towards her like "really?" Ratna blinked her eyes. Without any second thought,

Arvind: Go ahead Shashi. Nothing is in our hands. We can't change anything which has to happen. We have no problem with that. Khushi is like our daughter. We can't ruin her life by being selfish. We will be with you. Go on.

Tears slipped from Khushi's eyes which she couldn't restrain. Ratna felt bad for her. But she knew, only diamond cuts diamond. They have to give such a shock treatment to Arnav. Otherwise, he won't give up easily. Ratna stood and came to Khushi. She wiped her tears and Khushi hugged her burst out.

Ratna: you shouldn't cry. Everything will be alright. Won't you trust me? (Khushi nodded yes wiping her tears.) Good. She kissed her forehead. Arvind and Ratna left GH.

Shashi: Khushi beta, I won't do anything if you don't like it.

Khushi: Sometimes, we have to do something to get something, Dad. Go ahead.


Arvind: I can't understand what's there in your mind. You gestured me to give my acceptance and after that, you consoled Khushi giving her hope. What's all this Ratna? I don't like this. I can't let it happen. I want Khushi as our Chinna's wife. I want Shashi in our lives forever. (He knelt down in front of her) Didn't we decide? Why are you doing this? Didn't you think about Chinna? What will he feel? He didn't open his heart doesn't mean we can do this to him. Please don't punish him. He will agree if I order him. He will definitely obey me. We will get them married then.

Ratna: We can. But I want this marriage to happen with his full acceptance. Trust me. He himself will agree to this marriage.

Arvind: But how?

Ratna: you will see that in the evening. Just do what I say.

Arvind: But what if he reacts coolly?

Ratna: Cool? And your son? (she chuckled) that means you don't know about your son perfectly.

Arvind sighed.


Arnav came home and got stuck seeing Ratna sitting in the living room leaning on Arvind's shoulder. NK and La also were looking gloomy.

Arvind: What can we do Ratna? It's all fate.

Arnav(perplexed): Ma.. enna achi? (what happened?)

He asked sitting opposite her keeping his laptop bag on his lap. She nodded no looking down.

Arnav: Are you crying?

Again she nodded no looking down.

Arvind: Leave her Chinna. She can't be relaxed that easily.

Arnav: What's the matter, Dad?

NK (disappointedly): Khushi got a proposal and they are coming to finalize it tomorrow.

Arnav's face darkened hearing that.

Arnav: What!!!

He stood, the laptop bag slipped from his lap and he didn't care about it
He stood, the laptop bag slipped from his lap and he didn't care about it.

Arnav (shouting): What the hell are you talking about?

Arvind: Why are you getting angry at him Chinna? Yes, it's true. They are coming to GH tomorrow evening.

Arnav looked at Ratna who was looking at him questioningly. He knew the question. "What will you do now?"

NK: Do you know from whom that proposal came? (Arnav looked at him spitting fire through his eyes) Vignesh.

Arnav (wrathfully): What the F....... (he gulped.) Are you guys gone mad? (he shouted) Vignesh? Made her drink a bottle of poison instead of getting married to that b....... he again gulped.

He started going out... It's not so hard to understand where he was going. Arvind stopped him.

Arvind: Where are going Chinna?

Arnav: Where else? I just want to ask your friend some questions.

Arvind: No need. We discussed enough of it. He is doing this with our full acceptance only.

Arnav(frowning): What!!! How could you dad?

Ratna: What do you mean Chinna?

Arnav: Don't you know that Vignesh is a scoundrel?

Ratna: Then whom you will recommend for Khushi?

Arnav: That's not an answer.

Ratna: I'm questioning you...

Arvind dragged him to the coach and made him sit.

Arvind: Vignesh's father talked so openly about his previous bad behavior also Chinna. He believes that Vignesh changed because of Khushi.

Arnav(gritting his teeth): Changed? Snakes never change.

Arvind: Relax chinna, I don't know why are you behaving like this. Shashi is her father. No one could think about her betterment more than him. So cool. Give your contribution to this marriage. Or else leave it.

Arnav (gritting his teeth): Contribution my foot. Won't you say that Khushi is like your daughter? Will you do this to your daughter? He again shouted.

Arvind: We can do nothing in this matter.

Arnav shrugged his hands off and took a step away from him. He stopped and turned.

Arnav: What about Khushi? Did she agree? They saw the distress in his eyes.

Arvind: Shashi's decision is her decision.

As no one expected, Arnav took a flower vase from the table and threw it on the floor with extreme rage. The vase got broken into pieces and its broken pieces got scattered all over the room. Everyone jerked seeing his wrath.

Arnav was standing there like a destroyer, with his tightened fist, blood shot eyes, stiffened nerves
Arnav was standing there like a destroyer, with his tightened fist, bloodshot eyes, stiffened nerves. He looked like a beast.

Arnav gave one penetrating look to NK and LA. He gulped hard and left the house. NK and LA spared a content glance. They know the meaning of his "look". They are waiting for Arnav's marriage. Arnav is waiting for someone to complete her studies. Unexpectedly, that someone said "yes" to marry someone.

Arnav came out and sat on his bike. His eyes searched for a person who was living in the next house. The person; he searched hid behind the wall. He removed his phone and dialed a number.

Arnav: Shakthi, come to Besant Nagar Beach.

He cut the call and looked at GH again. He kicked the bike and geared it up.

Inside RM

Arvind looked at Ratna contently who was smiling at him raising her eyebrows. She was right. Now Arvind also believed that Arnav will never let this marriage happen.

To be continued.......

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