Twisting Destiny
By Plums
Date: December 20, 2020
Ch. 10CHAPTER 10

"So you finally arrived."

The siblings both turned their heads and saw a tall man standing near the gate.

"Dr. Calvin?"

"He is the friend I am telling you earlier." Francis explained.

Rhianne alternately looked at her brother and Dr. Calvin. This made Calvin laughed. It was obvious on Rhianne's face what she was thinking right now. That girl is too expressive. Calvin did not know if it is a good thing or not. He took the initiative to explain the situation to Rhianne.

"Francis and I came from the same school. I am his senior and we also joined the same club last year that is why we got acquainted." Calvin said. "And I am just turning twenty-three this year. I am not that old."

"I did not..."

Rhianne unconsciously blushed when she heard what Calvin said in the end. It was not really her intention to think that Calvin is very old. She was just simply wondering how her brother and her personal doctor became friends. Having someone to easily read her thoughts is an embarrassing thing for her.

"Stop it. You are embarrassing her." Francis said as he looked at his friend with an irritating look.

Calvin just shrugged his shoulder and told them to follow him inside. While holding her brother's hand, Rhianne kept on turning her head to see the interior of Dr. Calvin's house. There were a lot of expensive pieces of furniture and displays in the living room. Even the carpet looks expensive. Rhianne should be used to it since she came from a rich family, but she can't help but admire the things around her. After all, the soul inside the body was used to live in a poor and struggling life. They sit on a huge sofa before Calvin asked a maid to bring them snacks.

"So what brings you here to our humble and simple house?"

Rhianne can't help but frown hearing his words. This 'humble and simple house' is like a mansion though. Surely, the world of rich people is very different from ordinary people.

"We have a visitor in our house so I decided to bring Rhianne here with me. And you can also do a check-up on her since she is your patient." Francis said.

Ever since Calvin got his license as a doctor, he became Rhianne's personal doctor too. It was because she is the precious daughter of the Cartel family and his family has a good relationship with them. Not to mention that Francis was his junior and also his friend. Calvin does not find any problems with this arrangement. Unlike her brother who is annoying and not respectful to his senior, this little girl is adorable and cute which made Calvin wish to have a little sister too.

"It is okay with me. I got a day-off so I have nothing to do today." Calvin said as he stands up. "I will just get my things. Wait for me."

Calvin left the siblings in the living room. Rhianne was still looking at her surroundings. She can't help but admire the designs of the furniture placed in the living room. Admiring these beautiful and unique things became her habit. Then she noticed someone standing near the stairway.

There was a boy wearing a white polo shirt and pants. He has a neat cut and fair skin. The most noticeable part about him was his eyes. He has two different eye colors. The other one is hazel brown while the other one is emerald green.

When the boy noticed the girl was looking at his eyes, he sneered and turned his back to ignore her. The boy bumped with Calvin, but he kept on walking without saying sorry to him. Calvin took a quick glance at the boy before letting out a sigh. Rhianne followed the boy's figure until she can't see him anymore.

"Sorry for waiting. Let us check your blood pressure first before I start asking you some questions."

"Dr. Calvin, who is that boy?"


Rhianne pointed her finger on the stairway. Calvin thought that maybe Rhianne saw him and became bothered by his actions.

"Oh. That is my brother, Tristan." Calvin said. "Do not mind him. He's just too shy when he saw other people."

"Why are his eyes..."

"Heterochromia." Calvin answered before sitting on the sofa.

Rhianne did not ask any more questions and let the doctor do a check-up on her. Calvin asked some questions regarding Rhianne's health which she answers truthfully. After her check-up, Calvin comfortably sat with them and started talking with Francis. Rhianne saw the garden and asked Calvin if it was okay for her to visit it.

"You can go there. But do not touch the flowers. I recalled that dad asked the gardener to plant more roses and tulips there."

"I will come with you." Francis said. He was about to stand up when Rhianne stopped him.

"It is okay. I will just look at the flowers real quick. Just stay here and talk with Dr. Calvin."

"Are you sure that you are gonna be okay?"

"Of course. I will be right back." Rhianne said then left the two guys in the living room.

"Is Rhianne showing some abnormalities these past few months?" Calvin suddenly asked.

"Aside from her weird curiosity, there is nothing more."

Francis frequently called Calvin to report if he saw something weird about his sister. Lately, Francis noticed his sister being curious about the things she sees in their house. Calvin reassured him that her curiosity was normal since she lost her memories. Her curiosity may even help her to gain her lost memories.

"That is better. It is good to see that little girl healthy again."

Rhianne let out a soft squeal when she saw the garden. The garden is full of different blooming flowers. There are roses, tulips, carnations, and lilies. It was obvious that someone was giving full attention to this garden. Rhianne also has a garden in their place, but this garden is way bigger.

Rhianne was about to touch the roses when someone held her wrist. She flinched and tried to pull her wrist, but the one who was holding her was too strong. It was the same boy she saw earlier.

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