Everything is fair in love
By Niranjana
Date: November 11, 2020
Ch. 3Who is she?

Part 3

Aman and NK witnessed "smiling" Arnav. That day, after meeting Khushi Kumari Gupta in the signal, Arnav couldn't stop smiling. He smiled looking at the badge which was pinned by Khushi. NK didn't get anything whereas Aman wanted to get sure of something. Does ASR like Khushi? But how? He saw her only twice. Yes, he saw Arnav's rooted gaze on her. Usually, he never does with any girl. More than that, he smiled at her while giving money. He didn't even throw the badge yet... Donating money might not be a big deal for ASR but knowing her name from her ID is not definitely a simple matter. People; who knows ASR, knew that.

NK dragged Aman to his cabin. Dhruv; who came with lunch for his brothers saw the scene. He became curious. What these two are up to? According to Dhruv, the most dangerous men in the world are these two. Arnav's right and left hands. He silently went near NK's cabin and overheard their talks.

Aman: What the...

NK: That's what I'm asking. What the....

Aman(frowning): What...?

NK: What's the reason behind Naanav's wired behaviour?

Aman(excitedly): You too noticed it?

NK: Damn yes man... he is smiling yaar... how won't I notice it?

Aman(folding his hands): Guess what....

NK(curiously): Do you know the reason?

Aman: I'm not sure, but...

NK: Tell me yaar...

Aman: Do you remember the girl..??

NK(with popped out eyes): Puppy Girl??

Aman: Wow.... Exactly...

NK: Did he meet her again?

Aman: Today morning...

NK: oh my God.... I missed the scene.

Aman: You should have seen his face NK... do you know how he gazed at her?

NK: I saw that "look" that day itself. That's why I guessed it correctly. Do you think he likes her?

Aman: 99%.

NK(chuckled): Yah, no one can predict ASR fully...

Aman: Isn't that 99% more than enough for us to proceed?

NK: Absolutely. If ASR smiled at her then she must be somewhere in his heart.

Dhruv who heard their talks stunned. "ASR and love? Who is that girl? She must be special, if she made this kadoos smile" he thought.

Arnav; who came out of his cabin saw Dhruv standing out of NK's cabin and overhearing. He frowned and rushed to him. Dhruv got alert seeing Arnav coming towards him.

Arnav(without expression): What are you doing here?

Dhruv(showing bag): Lunch....

Aman and NK came out hearing them.

Arnav (frowning): Lunch...? What's this... new habit....?

He asked Dhruv suspiciously. NK also was looking at him with the same mind set.

Dhruv: Dhadi made your favourite dishes today. So, I thought to give it to you.

Arnav looked at NK and he took the bag from Dhruv.

Arnav: You can go. We have lot of work.

Dhruv: Ok guys, you just carryon.

Dhruv left AR, thinking about the girl who made Arnav smile. Aman got confused while NK knew that why he is doing this drama.

Dhruv was trying to cover-up Sweta's matter, which they argued yesterday. That's why he is acting cool like he was unaffected. Who else other than NK knows him? He sighed.

Aman and NK waited until Arnav getting into his cabin. They again went to NK's cabin. This time they locked it from inside and continued their discussion... Important discussion.

NK: Why not we find out, what's there in Naanav's heart?

Aman: ASR and opening his heart? You can find a hen with teeth but our Kadoos Boss won't show his heart.

NK: he won't show it to us but Khushi.

Aman: Don't beat around the bush.

NK: Didn't you see how he lost himself if he sees her?

Aman: But how will you bring her?

NK: I can't but I can make him believe.

Aman(frowned): How?

NK: I have a plan.

Aman: Tell me.

NK explained his plan and Aman laughed on it.

Aman: Superb... I think it will work.

NK: yes. It will surely work.

Aman: Come on, let's do it...

NK: Let me download the "App" first.

NK downloaded "voice changer" App on his mobile.

He dialled AR's land line number through "voice changer" App, after selecting a "girl" voice. They were looking at Arnav's reaction through the glass door. Arnav received it while going through the file.

Arnav: Hello...

"Hi.... This is Khushi...."

Arnav's heart skipped its beat hearing "Khushi". He forgot to reply for a while.

"Hey... Are you there?"

Arnav: Whi....ch Khushi?

Aman and NK dashed their fists happily.

"Did you forget me?"

Arnav: Are you... Khushi Kumari Gupta from Blue Cross?

Their faces bloomed...

"No no... I'm Khushi Gouda from Red Cross"

Arnav(rolling his eyes): Wrong number.

He disconnected the call. Aman and NK shared High-Five couldn't control their laugh as their plan worked. They looked at Arnav who was sitting, closing his face with his palms. Seeing him disappointed, their expression changed.

NK: We have to find her Aman.

Aman: Leave it on me.

NK: But, Naanav shouldn't know about it until we collect all the details about her.

Aman: yah... sure. Give me four days. I will give you all about KKG.

NK(shocked): Four days? But why? I thought, your detective Rohan won't take more than an hour to find her?

Aman: Rohan is not in Delhi. He is enjoying his Honeymoon. That's why I don't want to disturb him.

NK: Oh yah, don't do the SIN of disturbing him. He may curse us. Let him enjoy.

They laughed.

Next day

Subadhra looked upset as NK left to AR little earlier taking Mohan with him whereas Dhruv left RM already in another car. Arnav who came from his room checking something on his phone, saw her sulky face.

Arnav: What happen Dhadi? Are you alright?

Dhadi: Actually I have paid money for special Pooja in the temple because today is your Dada's birthday. But there is no car for me.

Arnav thought for a while.

Arnav: Ok fine. I will drop you. I will send Mohan to pick you up from AR.

Subadhra's face lit.

Dadi (surprised): Really? Am I not dreaming?

Arnav: I agreed. Because today is Dada's birthday.

Dhadi: Thank you. (looking at HP) Keep the bag in the car.

HP nodded yes and went, taking the bag. Arnav dropped Dadi in the temple.

Arnav: I will send Mohan.

Dhadi: ok.

She tried to lift the bag which was too heavy. Arnav saw her struggling and he stopped her. He understood that she couldn't lift the bag. And she should climb few stairs to reach temple.

Arnav: You go, I will bring it.

Dhadhi nodded yes and she got down from the car. She went to the temple and Arnav received a call from Aman.

Aman: Where are you man?

Arnav(sighed): Temple...

Aman(chuckled): From when LION started eating GRASS? He laughed.

Arnav: Shut up... I came to drop Dhadi.

Aman: Ok come fast.

Arnav: Then cut the damn call.

He disconnected the call and started climbing the stairs taking the bag. Yes... that bag was really heavy. He looked at the top of the stairs.

 His breath ditched him, seeing Khushi getting down from the stairs. Her hip length, silky hair which was being left open, floating in the air matching with her steps.

Before Arnav composed himself, she went passing him. He looked at the bag which is in his hand and sighed. He climbed the stairs galloping and kept it in front of Dhadi and rushed outside.

Subadhra: Arnav....

Arnav(while running): I got to go... it's urgent.

He again started galloping down. Subadhra frowned seeing him running like that.

Dhadi(sighing): He always carries something important to do.

Arnav got down from the stairs while searching for Khushi. He saw her leaving, getting inside the auto in the opposite direction of AR. He got disappointed seeing her going.

That's when reality kicked his mind. What's happening with him? Why did he rush behind her like a mad? What would he say going in front of her? Did he lose his mind? How could he behave like a spell bounded person? Or is he really got spell bound on her? He couldn't understand his real condition.

Evening in RM

NK was going to his room crossing Dhruv's room. His legs got stuck hearing Dhruv's talk. His room door was being closed. Seemed like, he was on call.

Dhruv: I don't know what you will do Akshay. I want it to happen. Or else don't blame me after that. (Pause) I don't want any silly excuses. (Pause) take your girlfriend's help. She can do that. (Pause) I didn't give you money to rejoice your girlfriend's birthday, mind it. I'm spending money, because I want her to come... at any cost... or else you know about me.

He warned Akshay and cut the call. NK knocked the door and Dhruv opened it. He got stuck seeing NK. How NK came so earlier today?

NK: With whom you were talking?

Dhruv(composing): My friend...

NK(sternly): Who is "she"?

Dhruv (frowning): She? Who?

NK: you said, you want "her" to come?

Dhruv (composing): Ohh it's about our college Alumni function.

NK: when?

Dhruv : We are just planning. It didn't decided yet.

NK: Mmm.

He left the room and Dhruv sighed in relief.

Dhruv: Huff... this NK... he won't enjoy his life and won't let me enjoy mine. Don't know how he is like this. Being good to Arnav, what will he get?

Few minutes later, his mobile started ringing. Seeing Akshay's name, he attended it curiously.

Dhruv: Yah tell me...

Akshay: she is coming.

Dhruv: Yaaaa hoooo... That's my boy.

Akshay: But Dhruv... I don't think....

Dhruv (cutting him): Think whatever. Enjoy the party with your girlfriend without disturbing me.

Akshay: You are taking risk.

Dhruv: Sometimes, we have to take risk to relish something special.

Akshay: But....

Dhruv: See you in the party.

He disconnected the call without giving any heed to Akshay, smirking devilishly, thinking about his plan.

To be continued.....

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