Your Purpose
By Aritha (Author)
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In his last year of being a high school student, Norton’s mother passed away. Uncle Ben, her mother’s little brother, went to Cebu just to adopt him and took Norton to the metro on his freshman year of college. By that time, Callie, Uncle Ben’s daughter, has been into an accident. To appreciate his uncle, he then obliged himself to protect his cousin. Norton promised himself not to get committed to somebody, but rather buys sexual pleasures to several prostitutes to satisfy himself. As Freya contacted him seeking for help, without further ado, Norton went to her without thinking she’s not someone he’s acquainted with. As of now, he works as a professor alongside his cousin Calliope and her boyfriend Mikhail.

Freya, on the other hand, is disowned by her siblings and now taking a chance to survive outside the world of being a well-off. She removes those sophisticated things around her and stops her gaming passion just to adapt herself to the real world. The first time she saw Norton buying a bouquet of sunflower, she knew he’s the one who will make her life way too vivid. As she told Norton about the tournament she’s been into before, she fly to Japan and make herself a renowned gamer. After getting the championship, people on the slum area she was with now wants to getting back at her for the money. She now works as a florist near the university of Norton. But things got twisted, as her brother came to her because of the company’s bankruptcy.

Calliope, Norton’s cousin, was being bullied on her freshman year of being a college. Her relationship with her professor Mikhail was prohibited, therefore they needed to make it a secret. But since some of her friends are noticing about them, she was pushed near the railings of their third floor’s building, making her unconscious for almost a month. Due to this, Calliope forgot Mikhail and started a new life to a new university with Norton, making him her buddy on her undergraduate and masteral years.

Mikhail is Calliope’s childhood friend. He has no other but to let Calliope go as he thinks he was the one held responsible for her accident. As years passed, Calliope resigned to the laboratory she works and thinks that she has something missing. She then applied for a new work, not as a laboratory scientist, but as an academician. Mikhail did not expect her to work in a university, and he is making sure that Calliope will be his again.

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Publisher: Mybard
Publication Date: March 26, 2022
Language: English

This book contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

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